Is this a saugeye or sauger?

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  1. Fished LBC for an hour or so this afternoon from the bank. Water was high and very muddy, but did manage this sauger (or saugeye?) on a Bomber crank bouncin' the rocks. Is this a sauger or saugeye? How can I tell the difference?


  2. mbw1924

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    i would say sauger, just cause im not sure there are saugeye at LBC. i have caught plenty of those down there.
  3. Lewzer

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    I have a question for you. I did a search but LBC is too short. I'm trying to think what LBC is around Barberton but I come up empty. What is LBC is you don't mind me asking?
  4. LBC = Little Beaver Creek? Would make sense since it flows into the big muddy and can provide some saugers.
  5. Lewzer

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    That's what I thought too but he had posted in the NEO forum. I guess Columbiana County is NEO.
  6. Sauger. Theres tons of them in there.
  7. Yep, LBC= Little Beaver Creek. I love that place!
  8. Muskarp

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    Tough to tell from the photo. Both would be present in that system. Does look a little thick for a sauger. Not really sure about the rear of spiny dorsal (black base) or lower lobe of caudal (white margin). Looks like they could be there. Seems to point toward saugeye. You tell us!
  9. Walleye 3

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    That is a sauger. To tell look at the spinney dorsal fin on its back. If you notice it has round black dots on it. Saugers have the round black dots, Saugeye have broken bars in between the spines, and walleye have unbroken bars. There is an outside chance that there may be saugeye in Beaver Creek but I would think that the possibility of that is very small.
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    there are a few saugeye in beaver creek and the new cumberland pool, naturally occuring hybrids. Beaver creek is loaded with sauger from the mouth of the river to the first set of rapids. The farther you go up the less of them there are. I fish that area alot because i live so close. EXCELLENT smallmouth stream