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Is this a good carp rig?

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by atrkyhntr, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. i'm just curious to know whether you have used this rig before? my first impression when i saw it was "that'll tangle during the cast". may i suggest that you thread the lead directly to the mainline or use a sinker with a swivel on it with a small bead between the lead and the hooklink .

    also it may help to use some tubing on the mainline if you are using braid hooklinks as this may also help with any tangling problems you may get . a good anti tangle rig to use when using braid hooklinks is the helicopter rig , i used it for years and am very confident in it . don't have a picture but i may find one for you later. or you could just use nylon hooklinks :)

    anyway , hope this helps, of course if your not getting any tangling issue then feel free to ignore me.

    ps. one other thing i would be worried about is the lead how it is in the picture could possibly get snagged up on something during the fight or bounce around near the carps eyes . just a thought , what does everyone else think?

  2. I'd like to add my 2c but when I click on it, it's a bad link.
  3. I've used rigs similar to that when fishing for catfish in snaggy areas...particularly with lots of rocks. I used a lighter line for the connection to the weight so that it would hopefully break free. Never used it for carp, though. Does look like it has the potential to tangle. What's your motivation for using it?
  4. That looks like it will tangle on anything more than a "lob" style cast. I agree with CW, it might have an application in snaggy waters and you're using lighter line to secure the lead. Certainly would be fish safe.

    Have you used this? If you have, and have reeled it in without being all tangled up-(the majority if not every cast) then go for it and let us know how you do. Personally, I do not do well sitting there waiting for a run- wondering "Is my rig tangled?"

    Confidence is everything.


    i agree with all,its just asking for tangles.
    but thats not all.with the lead link being so
    long i would think the rig would loose some curcial
    resistance needed to hook the fish(on its own).
    iam not sure though.the rig would be more effective
    if the sinker was threaded on the line itself,and
    leaving out the line and swivel IMO,but i have
    no doubt it would catch fish if left intact.

    also,have to agree with Craig about the safety
    issue.if you were fishing somewhere with alot
    of rocks it would definally get hung up with
    the lead dangling a distance down like that.
    and depending on the lines angles during
    the fight the fishes eyes are definally at risk
    of being beaten around abit.
  6. I used this setup today with a lighter line dropper holding the sinker and beads where needed...
    I caught 11 carp on this rig with no tangles and 2 lost fish due to pull outs... I also lost 2 sinkers with fish on so do not know if the fish or bottom or combo of both took out the sinker...
    over all I liked it and I lob cast all my cast so can't help anyone there...
    I am new to this carper stuff so am just trying out diff rigs is all = motivation LOL