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is there anywhere good to fish!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ohihunter2014, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Time was limited yesterday and went to spencer cause I had to go out that way anyways.
  2. I haven't been to the river because the last 2 weekends everyone says it's not good.

  3. Had a guy at the reservior yesterday holler and cuss and throw his hat cause he kept getting snagged on the rocks and breaking off.. That dude was miserable. Why even go fishing if thats how you feel. Its going to happen, just ask any fisherman.
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  4. You have to put your time in and try different tactics..... 2 weeks ago i fished for 3 hrs without a bite on live bait...changed over to plastic bait and it was immediately game on.... finished the day with 4 fo crappie..1/2 dozen nice pumpkin seeds and alot of throwbacks...if you wait on the reports you will always miss the bite...cant catch them from the couch....and by the way...i work 7 days a sucks but its not am excuse to NOT go fishing...
  5. bobk


    That sums it up right there. With the good old internet people have become rather lazy in their search for good fishing spots. You'll catch more fish with a pair of shoes than you will with a mouse in hand.
  6. If it were me, I'd get away from the computer and get on the water. My 1st priority would be to down size (if needed) the tackle to light or ultra light and just try to catch any thing the lake has to offer. Specifically I'd throw rooster tails, small jigs, jig and cork ect. and just see what I could come up with. Maybe add some live bait. I'd worry about the size later.
    I'm assuming you're shore bound but that usually shouldn't matter. If you have the funds, maybe add a kayak if you want to add a little more to it.
    Some of the better lakes may take a little more driving to get to. Just fishing the closest water may not be the best place to fish. I have a lake less than 10 minutes from me I fish all the time but we can get better fish at some lakes we drive an hour to. If I want those fish, I have to drive an hour. No way to get around it. Working 6 days a week does make it tough but it doesn't change the fact that you may need to drive a little more.
    I see bad reports on the waters we fish and we are on fish all year. I sure wouldn't base my anything on a report I read on the computer.
  7. capt j-rod

    capt j-rod member

    Most bodies of water give up good fish. I happen to live near Norwalk and I do just fine. Technique and time of day have everything to do with success. It's more tricky than a bobber, hook, and worm. As I stated above, no one will give up the details to a hole on the internet. Even on Lake Erie, the biggest body of water in Ohio, people will swamp your location. Make some friends and trade some spots. Use the PM feature to reach out. You have to offer something in exchange. On Erie it is a very big body of water. a little help goes a long ways on a tough day.
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  8. If you're seeing 10 people around you when you're fishing, you're probably not going to catch many. Move on to fish the out of the way places that most people aren't willing to walk to. My favorite fishing hole requires a 1/4 mile walk, then going down a big steep hill.

    Early spring is a tough time to fish with cold water and big temp changes. Hard to find a stable fish pattern. It changes every weekend. Keep moving and trying different baits. I only give a spot 15 minutes of my time before I either change baits or move on. Most of the time, I'm using worms or minnows. Especially trying new spots. I'll experiment with lures if I know the fish are there. Keep moving. If you don't catch any all day, at least you got a good hike in.
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  9. Just get out there and fish, man! Enjoy the day for what it is. Catching fish is just a bonus. You'll learn as you go.
  10. Haha that's one of your problems there,if your sitting on here waiting for a "good report" your gonna be late to the party every time.
    To anyone willing to do some homework an at times a little bit of driving Ohio has more then enough opurtunitys to catch fish. Especially now-June. A boat is nice but not at all needed. I take skunked trips an learn from them. Think back on them,an make them make me a better fisherman.
    Anywhere local right now crappie are moving shallow and biting good. Bass are coming along both large mouth an smallies.
    Up north you got walleye in rivers and on reefs same with whitebass. Down south the wipers and whitebass are running. An are starting to the same in central Ohio.
    An amazing saugeye bite the last two weeks at lakes like Indian. Bluegill on the prowl. I caught a couple cats yesterday on crappie jigs,there starting to make there annual move into the shallow structure to forge on eggs/fry. Saugeye won't be far behind.
    Haha it's a great time to be a Ohio fisherman.
    I had been struggling lately at saugeye. My home lake sucking an other lakes just a far drive,so I've switched gears an have been pounding crappie,since January.
    Take what's being offered out there. There's plenty of different options no matter where you live in ohio
  11. Put in some leg work. Not going to catch much behind a keyboard. Hit your local creeks. Always something to catch in a creek 365 24/7
  12. BuzzBait Brad

    BuzzBait Brad River Angler

    Get on google maps and look for riffles and bends On the river. Fish the seams. Fish the riffles. Cast near big boulders. I guarantee you will catch fish this way.
  13. I get it that i need to get out there but the reason i quit fishing a few years back was it seemed a lot of places were over fished. I'm going to try Norwalk and new London this weekend and see what happens. going to walk Norwalk and fish the rocks a little instead of the woods like i did last time.
  14. No fish on the web, No fish in the local lakes and streams, maybe golf, tennis,or camping is for you. Good luck! I'v never caught a fish yet, or had a good hunt at home on the web.
  15. well it looks like I'm not just some non fishing sitting behind a keyboard idiot everyone thought. I found a link on odnr with some info on Norwalk reservoirs and apparently the reason I didn't catch any bass was I was fishing he freaking lake there aren't any fish in. I guess its 3 sections and I picked the catfish lake and the lake that holds no stocked or natural fish. at least now I know I don't suck at this and its just a lake with no fish. now that I have a map with structure, depths, and what lake has what fish I'm hitting it tomorrow.
  16. Flannel_Carp

    Flannel_Carp The Flan With A Plan

    So how'd it go?
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