is there any place in dayton that sells whole fish?

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by iam20fan, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. i want to try this red snapper dish i just on saw om emeril green. i found to grocery stores in cincy that does but thats an hour drive for me. i checked a couple wholesale distributors but they both told me i needed a foodservice license to purchase from them.

  2. last i was by there Arcade Seafoods (same building as the old dayton Arcade) still sold whole fish. think the street its on is Jefferson. should be in Yellow Pages. also try (think its the name) Dayton Fish market out on north Main street right before you get to Needmore road.
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    I was told there is a place in Springboro that sells whole fish...Not sure the name...There is also Dorothy Lane Market...Its usually has some species whole, not sure about red snapper but it would be worth a call, they may be able to order some in for you.
  4. ah yes, i forgot about them. they are called "Midwest seafood", located on Pioneer blvd. in Springboro, within a quarter mile of I-75. they do carry a lot of fish wholesale and retail, including whole fish from what i can remember. (used to work right next to it). also think they are the suppliers for most of the fish shops/restaraunts in this area.
  5. midwest went under. some of the midwest employees started foremost seafood. thats what i heard. thanks for all the info. i am going to check foremost seafood
  6. Midwest did go under but the market/business is still there but under a different name. I have heard that foremost is hands down the best. They used to be a catering company and catered alot of concerts, word is that Ozzie loved them. So they have to be good.