Is there a secret to catching fish at Griggs?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Huskyjerk, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. I've been there 3 times in the last three weeks and have yet to land a fish. Fishing from a boat and throwing jigs, spinners, rapalas and rubber worms along the banks? Is there a secret to catching fish down there?
  2. ShakeDown

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    Yes...avoid late August :D

    Seriously...this time of year on Griggs is usually awful. Shad everywhere, warm temps, etc... Just look at the last few weeks of tournament results...2 weeks ago, 1 FISH won's been real slow.

    Give it a shot once the nights start getting cooler. That place WILL make you a believer ;)

  3. DaleM

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    Dynamite!!! Just read todays results, says it all. Tough out there.
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    1.) Search the forums. This question has been answered already, by me personally.

    Griggs is tough this time of year. The summer months is always hard, for a wide range of reasons. It will get better in the fall as the water temps fall and the traffic gets off the lake. Hold out until mid Sept through early November, you'll see. Smallies and Saugeye pick up, trust me.
  5. striperfreak

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    well i am going to search the forums for that answer but in my opinion alot of it is the pressure that griggs recieves. man theres alot of bass fishermen there
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    Throughout the past 9 years I have witnessed incredible feeding frenzies this time of year....I personally regard it as one of the best times to fish for smallies. That is when the temps are high, the water is low, and the shad are young and feeding like crazy in massive schools. I once saw a school of 20 smallies "heard" a school of 500 shad into a corner, then watched them unleash a massive attack.... One smallie would fake a attack on the school to drive them one way, another would then fake an attack from the opposite side to drive them back into the bank, this continued for 20 seconds until the bass finally got the shad right in front of a riffle....Then they struck...smallies and shad went flying everywhere.....and they all proceeded to go down the riffle that was 5 feet in front of me....I stood there awe struck for about ten minutes. Anyway I know for a fact that they are feeding crazy...IMO.... which could be wrong...the bass are schooling in large numbers in order to have the greatest advantage on the massive schools of baitfish. They are working as a team ( as I witnessed) to feed....This may explain why the bass will not strike solitary baitfish/jigs/crankbaits....while almost defeats the purpose of sticking together...why would 20 bass team up to get a meal for a single member?
    After feeding like crazy,the shad the schools would eventually diminish in size....which could possibly lead to the smallie schools diminishing in size. Then they would be more likely to hit a solitary object since they know that the massive schools are gone and only smaller schools remain, they may lose the "feed for the pack" mentality, and just hit anything...because they know winter is coming and food is becoming scarce....Just a thought....could be way off base.
  7. i think what he is trying to say is. find the bait fish and match there size and flash. add irratic behavor during prime feeding times. but as for GRIGGS i think your barking up a tournament tree with the where's and what's to use there so you might not get to many hints. i got the same feeling when i asked about oshay bass but i just hit it hard and at different times of the season till i found the formula that works for me. you will come up with your formula soon too, as for me i have yet to figure griggs out either in my 2 trips there. mabye you would like to hit it together sometime being skunked loves company.
  8. ShakeDown

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    Good point...Griggs does have some major pressure, and it only got worse this year. every other week, you had a tournament a consecutive Sunday, Monday, Tues,'s gotten a little out of hand.
  9. Orlando

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    A trick I use on any body of water that gets alot of pessure is find a bank that looks like it has no cover except for maybe one or two pieces of cover and fish that cover. Most people won't stop and fish a barren bank with only one stick up. More often than not there will be a fish on that piece of cover. It's up to you then to have the skills to catch them. Good luck.
  10. crankus_maximus

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    The secret is to hit Griggs at the busiest possible time or during the worst possible weather. This triggers strike reactions in the griggs strain of bass. For example, when 3 ski boats are circling to pick up skiers next to you, the crew teams have stopped for a rest off your stern and a dog jumps in the water between you and the shore - is the most likely time a bite will occur. Be ready.

    If you believe that secret - I have a few more for you :D :D :D :D :D
  11. acklac7

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    and I don’t want to come off as know it know it all...cause I don’t know it all, just have some ideas that may be right/wrong. Anyway finding the bait fish and matching there size and flash. add erratic behavior during prime feeding times is extremely important...however I was trying to emphasize targeting the schools of baitfish instead of targeting the bass. I never used a fish finder..(I fish 100% from shore) but I think you can see schools of shad right? I would repeatedly target the schools of a crankbait or a tube right through the center of a school. make them break up and scatter....thus creating a lot of attention. Then the bass may move in...if they do, continue to cast ...hit the school (of shad) then crank in as fast as you can and hit the school again...has been working wonders for me in the past week.
  12. (I was trying to emphasize targeting the schools of baitfish instead of targeting the bass.) This is what i mean by finding the bait fish then matching there size and there (flash which will tell a bass alot about a bait fish injured,distressed, weak,direction,ect.. things a bass would look for in frenzy situations, atleast i don't believe they pick one at random. with there lock on type of attack style.) when you add in hot water and lowered oxygen levels from dogg days bass may be concerned with wasting energy on missed attacks. the crank as fast as u can action is extremley erratic so as to help create strikes which i also believe works very well. acklac 7 i think your right on target not off base.. wanna-b...
  13. This time more than almost any other time, catching fish comes down to the very smallest of variables. I think that Griggs is a tough place to fish to begin with, then add in a lot of pressure, ski boats, warm water, low oxygen, etc etc etc, and you have the perfect equation for tough fishing. When things get tough, eliminate as many of those fatcors as possible. Find a spot with more oxygen, like a creek emptying into the lake, or a cove where wind is blowing water and baitfish into it. SLOW DOWN! these fish will follow baitfish, so target them. But catching them when they school up baitfish and are smashing them, to me isn't a daily activity. Or hourly activity for that matter. The fish feed, and follow, feed and follow. They don't just eat and eat and eat. Sometimes, they just aren't feeding. I think patience and luck play more of a role now then any other time of year.

  14. Why do you think they school up ?? To trick US.... :D
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    Those fish don't have to school up to fool you- BUDDY!! :rolleyes: :p
  16. Marshall

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    Lately the secret is to catch one about 1.10 and win big bass. I sure hope this place gets better soon. Hope to see ya sunday Garry.
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    I sure hope we can get a bigger fish than a 1.10 sunday. We'll see. See ya there Marshall. My last one until the fish off. Leaving Thursday for Canada.
  18. Marshall

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    I hope the fishing is better in canada than griggs. I'll do my best to get a 1.11 sunday. See ya there.
  19. I'm planning on being there.... Lookin for their secret places..... :D

    I'm going up to O'Shaughnessy in the morning.... lookin up there too!! LOL

    see ya