is the time warner bundle a contract?

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  1. just wondering if that time warner cable bundle is a contract or not. i have heard it is and it is not. i went through my paperwork and nothing that i can see tells me its a legal contract. i have had cable for 6 months and want to go back to direct tv. time warner's on screen guide is crap, the HD signal will freeze up then i have to reboot the box. time warner has no NFL network plus no big ten channel. and it doesn't even have NBC HD which i don't understand why. it take almost a week to process online payments. i know there is alot of time warner threads on here but i just had to vent for a second. i have home phone,road runner,hd cable, 3 boxes and wireless internet. and i pay 144$ a month. i don't even have a home phone hooked up but its part of the bundle and if i cancel it my bill will go up which is crap too.
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    yes.when you order,they explain it on the's also in the internet ads.i just talked to them a couple weeks ago about it.declined for personal reasons.
    it's 2 years and locks in the price except for mandatory tax increases,which are supposed to be minimal.

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    Yes , Most of the new plans are contracts. Which have started this year. You would know if it was a contracted deal because you have to talk to a 3rd party to confirm that you've accepted the contract. More than likely yours isnt :)


    If you need some help I work in your division and may be able to give you a hand. Let me know.
  4. I too am looking to switch back to direct tv or any service other than time warner. They are the biggest joke of a company I have ever dealt with.
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    i am a time warner customer and none of my prices have been contract based. i dont really see how they can lock you into it but thats just me. all of my prices have been come as you go.

    i would ask them straight up and see what they say, and make sure to record who you talked to. good luck
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    If you've had your service for a while, then I doubt you're under any sort of contract.

    The newer ads running with the low bundle prices are for new customers only and they lock you in to a 2yr commitment.

    Direct Tv has a 4 month deal right now which I want myself. Pay $75 a month for 4 months for the NFL Sunday Ticket, and you'll get every channel DTV offers during that 4 month period!