Is the Rut over yet???

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by FINN, Nov 14, 2008.

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    finally got a bow this season and feel very confident and am going out hunting this weekend. Am I too late is the rut over?
  2. Nope. Depending where you are its hard to say what phase you are in though. In the NW part of the state it seems like we may be entering the "lockdown" phase but it could also be the weather. If they are locked down with the does they will be looking agian in a few days.

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    I agree. Everything I am seeing leads me to believe we are in "lockdown". Not seeing many doe, seeing lots of young bucks and a few yearlings with no mama around. My buddy harvested a lone doe Wednesday afternoon. I am hoping they break and start cruising again Sunday and Monday. The cold weather moving in should help with daytime deer movement(though the winds this weekend will suck). It was slow, slow, slow yesterday and today.
  4. Same report here. Seen a small basket 8 and two button bucks yesterday and no does. Going back out Sunday. Better get it in boys because after next weekend the deer will be "locked down" literally. Once those guns start going off, it gets tough.
  5. Saw a nice 10-12 pt Buck crossing rt 82 (Royalton RD) in North Royalton around 9:30 am yesterday. He looked like he was on the trail of some cute doe.
  6. here in the SE all this past week we have been seeing big bucks in the chasing phase here in the next week they will deffently be locked down on the does and next weekend they wont be moving much with the youth season coming in..
  7. i seen 2 bucks trailing a doe,watching it from my stand there were about 100yrds from me,, it was kinda odd !! but finally the smaller buck dove into the brush I'd say its on full throttle for them,,,

    slutty doe!!
  8. Saw three bucks at 50-60 yds., each a few minutes apart from one another, yesterday between 3:30 and 4. One was traveling with a doe. A while later saw several deer running around a hillside playing tag but couldn't discern what they were. While driving around today at 11:30, I saw a huge buck back in a pasture near a woodline. Looked like the proverbial Hartford Stag-very high and very wide! Rut's on this year thru gun season.....!!
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    on some properties that i hunt i dont think the rut has actually started .........scrapes are just starting to pop up !!! i havent seen many bucks chasing does yet either but on other farms that i hunt they are chasing hard !!
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    I havent seen much this year on public land, exept a 10 pointer that walked right under my stand w/his head to the ground couldnt get a shot ,grrrhhh bummer, then I seen a doe moving by her lonesome.That is it. I think this week will be the time to be out
  11. I was in Morgan County this weekend. Saw a nice 9 pointer, but couldn't get a shot. Saw a half-rack and a seven also. That evening I saw two bucks chasing a Doe, but they were too far off to get a good look at their racks. I just knew they had them.
  12. what rut? from what I've seen ( or haven't for that matter) the deer where I hunt haven't been moving at all yet..........smaller bucks, yes - larger ones, nope.

    I spent sunday in the woods (yesterday) and didn't see squat! I think the weather has them hunkered down for right now.......this week should start pushing them out though.........
  13. Rut remains strong in SW and Central OH. I've seen many bucks with does while hunting both Sat and Sunday and have also been seeing something every day while driving for work. Every mature buck I have seen has been with a doe - either bedded or in tow.
  14. i agree, i hunt just south of circleville, and the rut hasnt really kicked in yet for what i have seen. i have seen groups of does, in twos, threes, and sixes, no bucks in sight. then today i jumped a bedded buck by himself, and seen one running across a field like something had jumped him. so if i seen one bedded by himself he has definately not started to rut yet. and with all the doe sightings and not even a lil guy around, very odd. i got at least 8 different buck pics on trail cam and have only seen one of them.
  15. let me say rut is on!!! man sunday i seen 6 different bucks and about 15 deer total, it was chaos they were all over, but i was hunting outta new ground blind, bad move they wouldnt get within 40 yards,,
  16. I think it is about over, the rut has peaked and some activity is still happening around Hancock County, but the Main Thrust is spent. I hope you all have taken your buck as it is going to get tough. But we all know "be in the right place at the right time"
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    I would guess the reason for seeing a lack of bucks is that they are locked downed with a single doe.
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    I agree...seems like most people are not seeing many deer...The ones they are seeing are this yrs fawns and 1.5 old deer...Mosta the 2.5 and older bucks and mature does are locked down...Things will pick up again as the bucks run oughta does....Good luck guys.
  19. Still moving pretty good in SW Ohio. Saturday I saw a very good buck following a doe, they hung around for 1 1/2 hours never did get a shot. Then Sunday morning saw 2 small buck trailing a doe, they came by my stand 5 times that morning. Last time was at noon. All from the same tree stand.
    I see lot's of buck moving later in the morning, even early afternoon.
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    Today is Nov, 18 in NE Ohio, and i believe that the rut is just starting to kick in. This past week, we found several fresh scrapes but have not seen or heard any real chasing or grunting. I will be out tomorrow morning, and let you know if any new developments take place. But the rut Can't be over yet. (I HOPE)... :)