Is The Ramp Open Mosquito???????

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bountyhunter, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. I:M ready to go .but don;t want to drive [%)mile to check it out .thanks jim
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    check your PM:D

  3. Jim,
    It was open yesterday. There was a small amount of ice in the bay south of the parking area. It is WINDY today!
  4. Man I am really thinking about it for this weekend!
  5. Our ramp is open and so is across the street. In fact, the division of wildlife guys are out there this morning dropping Christmas treees on the North end.
    More then usual fishermen are out today, for this time of year. Selling quite a few minnows. See Ya Soon, Linda
  6. Linda:

    Any good reports to offer?


  7. There were quite a few guys out yesterday, but none of them came back before I left for the day. I'll ask Oscar if they stop back on afternoon turn..then I get back to you. Linda
  8. Ill be on the water tonight. Thanks Linda! Would think the north side of the causeway is stained by now.
  9. Alot of work for one channel. Didnt get out till 4 and fished till 10. One bite with one fish out of 18fow on a vib. Trolled for awhile and didnt mark much in less than 15fow. If fish are less than 15 there tight to structure. Few smaller fish posted in the bays suspended shallow. Ice took me by surprize. Ran through it a 1/4mi to get back to the ramp. Water Temp was 40 when I started and DROPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!! 34 when I left. Even the bays were freezin up!WOW! Thought I was going too have to stay till safe ice.:D
  10. can you boat across the lake from the ramps across from Causeway bait...

    I've got a partially submerged blind that I need to get out of there....

    Hoping to get out there saturday and salvage it.

    I'm thinking the winds have kept it open, but it's an 1 1/2 hour ride to get there and find ice.....
  11. I fished thursday .no ice . lakes about 2ft down , I had no trouble . you could call causeway bait and ask about the ramp ,at the causeway .