Is mogadore reservoir in danger

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  1. I believe it is just that , in danger. I remember the stories my grandfather usedto tell me about 200 fish days on the water and the ice. I know what you are thinking they are just stories However I remember as i am sure many of you do about the times iI first started fishing Mogadore. It wasnt just one good day here and there. I could catch quality numbers of quality fish and do so on a consistant basis. Those days seem to be becoming far and few between for me. I am sure alot of you agree with what I am saying. Which poses a question. What is happening to the lake so many of us call our second home ? I think I may have an answer. You may not want to hear it and remember it is just my opinionbut I think the problem is us. I do not mean to offend so let me explain. Fisherman whom if any of you are like me has taken more fish than we needed just because they where biting and besides who doesnt want to tell thier buddy that they took 100 nice ones yesterday just to see the look on his face as he remembers that he told you he could not go because he had to spend the day with his girl. Maybee you have taken some big female breeders full of eggs just because they would make a nice meal. We as fisherman should know the dangers of overfishing for example Lake Erie walleye and commercial fishing or how about the Blue Pike. I know thats commercial fishing ,but scale that down and take 100 fisherman taking 50 large fish a day and you get 1,825,000 fish a year, over 20 years well its alot of fish . Now take into consideration that those are all breeders.How about Highlandtown Reservoirwhom if you ever fished it back in the 90s before it became popular ,WOW now nothingdo to overfishing. Is it too late? I dont think so. I think that if there where to be a size slot limit on all panfish as well as a resonable # limit (25)so that the people could still get enough fish to eat as well as the occasional wallhanger we could restore the fishing to a lake that desperately needs some help, not just for us but for our childrens children. I love mogadore and I enjoy fishing there because it is a quiet peaceful lake that reminds me alot of canada(few people, little noise and beautiful scenery) and takes me far away even though its right down the road. I expect alot of you fish it for the same reasons as I and its not so much for the fishing anymore. I respect the remarks of my fellow sportsman and women so please send in your comments, remarks, memories and most of all ideas on this matter. TOGETHER WE CAN
  2. I think you've probably summed it up pretty well. Although, I always heard and read that you can't overharvest a panfish lake or pond with a rod and reel. Can't remember where or who(probably DNR experts?). Anyways, that being said, what else could contribute to the apparent decline in numbers? I know I've taken my share of gills, crappie, and even on rare occasions, jumbo perch from there over the years(mostly 20-30 years ago!). I mean fish baskets "at least" half full too-and they were very good representatives of their species at that!(EveryONE was utilized, I might add.) I'd filet them and freeze them in square, waxed 1/2 gal. milk cartons covered in water.(That should tell you how long that was ago. When's the last time you saw one of those?) Now, you're lucky to catch enough for a meal and they normally are running quite small. I think perhaps it's time for the State to do some serious fish management out there!

  3. I absolutely agree! When I was 14 years old (47 years ago), the quantity & quality from Mogadore was mind boggling. It is a mere shadow of it's former self & I think you've pegged it. I would love to see the lake come back & believe it can, but it does need strict regulation & enfforcement.
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    i didnt even know that there were perch in there. if what you say is true than thats a loooooooong time ago cause i cant ever remember seeing a perch. ive fished there for bout 10 years now. and i thought that there never was any good fishing in that lake. let alone perch. :D but i do support you and followers trying to bring back what we fishermen/women have lost. i fish private lakes now because every thing public is getting over fished. i just wish that the fishing could return like it was.:(
  5. I have never fished Mogadore but the same seems to hold true at the lakes I do fish on a regular basis. Milton and Berlin. I could be all wet ( no pun intended) on this issue but along with the over-harvesting and the pollution issues, could some of the problem be the DNR? I'm thinking the stocking of muskie in these lakes. It seems to me that the muskie fishermen are the ones doing a great deal of catch and release. Therefore, more large fish (with larger appetites) more muskie because of natural reproduction, and now you have a situation that is aggrivated by a large number of predatory fish. I have no proof that this is the problem but it just seems logical.

    I did notice that there seemed to be a smaller number of guys fishing Milton last year. I usually go out in the mornings during the summer, 2 or 3 days a week and find that there are only a few vehicles in the parking lot. Is it the price of gas or are a lot of guys going to Mosquito and Erie?
  6. I believe some of or most of the problem is the lack of weed beds .gills need these weed beds to flourish.30-40 yrs ago there were beds everywhere.look at an aquiview now the bottom is flat covered with slim,and gills don't like the slim weeds.IMO the DNR is to blame on the most part for putting the grass carp in to control the weeds.I agree back then nobody ever complained about the lack of fish,this is the way the lake was for 30 yrs,until the grass carp stocking.there is no way on gods green earth you "fish out" mogadore.Some years we don't even get to ice fish,so that should be a catch-up year.and for the size of the lake the summer pressure is very lite.Let me use Mosquito for an lake in ne ohio gets more pressue than it does.Lets look at crappies,since they are not stocked, everybody knows about the size and numbers that are harvested each year.Weeds weeds weeds is what makes this lake the fishiery it is, year in and year out.Ten times the amount of fishing pressure than Mog.(panfish only)
  7. I doubt that the decline in numbers of fish is do to a lack of weed beds. I find the lake difficult to fish between the months of july and sept. do to the vast amounts of weeds that seem to take over the lake.I also do not agree that just because there is no ice one year that the lake would be able to "catch up" .It takes years of strict regulations and coperation from fisherman to bring back a lake that clearly has something very wrong with it.
  8. I hear ya. I belive in overfishing at Moggy. I know guys who will clean spawning beds out by the hundreds in a day. But yesterday in the bait shop, a guy who fished the lake for 60 yrs was talking to me about the problem and his belief was, too many fish!! His assesment was that the bass are now feeding on the large number of shad instead of the small gills. The shad are dumped by guys who don't want to KILL the cute little minnows left over in their bait bucket. So in this case the small gills flourish, and stunt the lake.
    He told me if I wanted to do the lake a favor to feed the gulls the fish that are too small to take home.

    The most fish I kept in a day is 36 gills. That was only once. I found out it took a long time to clean that many. So I will only keep 12-18 fish. I can count on one hand how many bass I've kept in the last two years from any lake, I just love to catch fish. I love the idea of only taking what you can eat. Not stocking your freezer for the year.

    Yesterday was the first time I've taken fish home thru the ice (5)and I felt guilty. I had a perch I thought was a nice one (8in) and full of eggs I noticed, after I cut her up. So what are we supposed to do?

    I love the lake also, but I rarely fish her cause of this problem. I do believe WE have to take the bull by the horns. Maybe we should start a club or commity. Lobby our local DNR, spread the word to other fishers, post signs.
    Oh, and while we're at it.....LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THE TRASH US FISHERMAN LEAVE BEHIND!!! Its either us fisherman or imposters who pose as fisherman. I mean what kind of low life leaves their trash at the lake. At least the last batch of beer bottles I picked up where put back in the carton and placed in a bag before they were dumped. Made it easy to pick up!

    I already picked up beer cans off the ice and candy wrappers. I could'nt get the propane tank that was frozen in the ice. It upsets me to the point I yell at anyone thats fishing on the lake to pick their stuff up. Maybe one of you has heard me before!!!

    I propose we get together and have a clean up day at the lake, since the ice is about done and open water is weeks away. We could meet at the bait shop and pass out bags....(I'll be glad to supply). If we show responsibility and ownership of the land around the lake, our concerns will spill over to whats under the water!

    What are we waiting for? .....I know.....someone else to do it for us!
  9. Mogadore was great 10 years ago. In the past decade the fishing there has declined drastically. Those who don't think overfishing has something to do with it don't ever have to dodge the 30 or so guys fishing on Congress Lake Road for 2 months straight in the spring. A lot of these "road" anglers keep EVERY SINGLE FISH they catch. I've witnessed it personally. I'm strictly C&R on all public waters because overfishing is a problem in this state.
  10. Not only the road anglers (nice term for them), but the bridge monkeys dropping lines down when your trying to pass under 43 in your boat. They fish off the concrete steps.....the ones that say "no fishing". And your right, they keep EVERYTHING, except ther trash!!
  11. all very good points.. cant say that i disagree. i do know that the weeds were very heavy last summer, had to pick up my motor when i docked... well i think we should all remeber when fishing this summer, only take what we need. that may be a great start,,,, good luck folks
  12. I am all for a keep mogadore clean biannual trash pick up. Also i think that starting a club or committy would be the best thing to happen to this lake in a very long time. You have all heard of adopt a highway well how about adopt a shoreline. Just an idea we could use alot more.Who else out there wants to get together and see what we can do to save our lake. Maybee we could even get a trash bag co. to sponsor our efforts so that we could have trash bags at the bait shops for people to take with them. Also who empties the trash containers around the lake?
  13. Probably the same people who patch the pot holes in the road.
  14. I'm all for having a cleanup day at the lake. I'ts needed it for a long time. The rangers don't patrol out there enough anymore. I don't remember seeing one at all last year. People are always shore fishing in the boat stake area and leaving their trash in the boats or on the shore. I don't believe you are allowed to shore fish back there anyway. Can't wait to get my line wet.
  15. Wow for a minute there I thought we were talking about LaDue. They are the same way there. Taking everything even if its like 4" and leaving they're trash. I mean if you want to eat fish that bad go to the store and buy some fish stick because thats the only size fillet you are going to get from those dinks. I'll fish around the piling sometimes when the crappies are hitting and when I catch something small and throw it back they say hey bro I'll take those if you don't want them. When you try to explain the reason for throwing them back they don't want to hear it. I would like to see a size limit on panfish at a lot of lakes in Ohio for this reason.
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    wow!! i guess there's alot more people out there who love mogadore as much as i do. i'll be out there this spring starting in april, working with the division of wildlife as a seasonal creel clerk. i'll be coming up to you guys fishing out there to ask you a few questions about fishing so that the bad fishing situation can start to be assesed. so do not be alarmed if you see someone out there using a gasoline engine. i'll see you all this april!! please pas that info around. it would be nice to have people coming up to me sometimes, but you must be fishing that day in order to be surveyed. please dont send me PM's here, i do not have the time to answer them online. i will be more than happy to talk with you at the lake however.

    good luck out there everyone,

  17. Hey Sparkey (....I mean scum frog) Like I talked to you before, how about reminding the fishers to take their trash with them and even supply a bag if they need one. I will supply bags to you. Also, mention the reason for the survey is to help return Mogadore to its original state of nice sized panfish and tell them the reason is....TOO D@Mn many fish are taken! Maybe they will get the point.

    I also have an idea. Is it considered poaching if you take fish while fishing in an illegal spot, such as the bridge? If it is, I will call the hotline everytime I see some nimrod up there.
  18. I don't think my trolling rig with 16 rods and GPS, Sonar, and computerized maps has anything to do with overfishing.
  19. Hey Scummfrog you should make up some weather resistant signs and place them at the launches by the boat stakes and boathouse that explain what,why,and the positive impacts that your presence will have on the lake. Maybe you can get some help making the signs up from joerugz or myself.

    Just a thought. I'm probably wrong though, but if i can remember,the city of akron leased the lake to the YMCA somewhere around 84 or 85 and the Y maintained that lease until 2001 or 2. Now the city maintains soul responsibility of the lake. I wonder if there is a correlation somewhere within the passing of guardianship of the waters. I was thinking that maybe pre 84 or 85 there could have been a larger budget provided by the city to manage the lake and then after the Y took it over that budget was cut. Now some twenty or so years later when the city takes it back over and damage has had some two decades to progress the funds that were once earmarked for mogadore are no longer available. Just a thought on a cause other than over fishing,or overfishing and not enough management.

    Does anyone remember the contraption that used to be out there that looked like a corn picker on a barge that they hacked up the weeds with? Looked like something out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That went by by when the Y came along too. The Lake has such potential. Wouldn't it be nice to see it the way it was? Nice campgrounds and all.? I'm on board with any clean up,committee formation, city counsel contacting or whatever else needs to be done to get some positive results. I know that the mans name who is basically in charge of Mogadores watershed is named Kim Koy. Maybe someone out there with a little more strings to pull than a guy named paintED could get someone to get his ear.

    See you out there on trash day everybody. LETS DO IT!
  20. Some clarification about Mogadore Reservoir. First, there are excellent perch in there caught by a few "I like to call them Old Timers" probably fishing deeper than most of us would think to be productive.(That's all I'll say about that!) The amurs were NOT/NEVER stocked by DNR. To my knowledge, they have never managed anything in the lake because it belonged to the City-politics, maybe? Those amirs were stocked by the Goodyear H&F Club courtesy of many raffles, and membership dues. At a whole buck for a membership, obviously, they couldn't stock that many($6-7/fish) and when the money dried up, they stopped the program before the recommended numbers for stocking were ever attained. I believe the amirs were stocked at the urging of G H&F Club bass anglers so they could better fish the lake and move around easier-but I never really heard why. These days, I see as many weeds as ever and there are quiet a few of those, 'big' 'old' grass eaters left. Now "Weedfoot" Lake is another story-over stocking and no weeds for them to eat. I was involved directly with the stocking of those fish. The Goodyear Park used to bag up grass clippings and take them out into the middle of the lake and dump them to "FEED" the amurs! Just for information...