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Is it worth the money?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Hollywood33, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. I am looking into a new baitcaster reel. My choices are the Abu Garcia black max ($40), the flueger president ($60), or the lews superduty speed spool ($170) which is on sale for $99. Obviously there is quite a bit of a difference in price between the two cheaper ones and the lews. My question is: is it really worth spending the bigger bucks for the lews? I own the spinning reel of the flueger president, which I love! My friend owns the black max which he says is a really good reel for the price. I do a lot of fishing, whether it be for bass, or casting for walleye. Just looking for opinions. Thanks
  2. 9Left


    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I have used the Garcia, Pflueger, and the Lew's reels...The LEW's is hands-down the smoothest real I have and I would not question replacing all of my baitcasters with the LEW's.
    And to prove it... I have an Abu Garcia (purchased for $40 ).... you can HAVE it if you want charge. I will gladly replace it with a LEW's
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  4. 9Left


    Here it is... just p.m. me, you can pay the few dollars for shipping, but it's yours to keep.. personally, it's a $40 reel, and that is the same **** performance that you'll get from it ..low cost, low performance... sure, you'll catch fish on it, but LEW's is the smoothest damn real I have ever owned..... IMG_5150.JPG
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  5. Save your money and get an Abu Garcia STX 7.1:1. I bought mine in 2009 and still use it to this day. I ran walleye charters in college for 2 years and used it nearly every day from April-October casting for walleye. It's seen its fair share of hours and all it needs is a little gun oil every now and then.

    Pair it with a 7 foot Berkeley Lightning Rod if you're on a budget and you'll be ready to go for almost anything!
  6. Love my Lew's on a g Loomis stx rod!
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  7. I have 2 Lew's baitcaster's and they are excellent reels, I to would like to have all Lew's baitcaster's.
  8. RiparianRanger

    RiparianRanger Bronze > Gold

    Another Lew's user here. The super duty might be overkill but that's a heck of a deal for a reel that in a different class compared to the others you're considering. Add to it Lew's superb customer service and I'd pony up the extra dough
  9. It's like most things in life....You get what you pay for. Spend the money & you won't regret it
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  10. Never used a Lews but I went from a Pro Max to a Curado and ended up getting a second one because i couldn't stand using the pro max after having a nice bait caster. Later got a deal on a revo and i like it also. I am fine with $50 spinning reels and prefer a few of them over the $100 ones. Same goes for rods. When it comes to baitcasters i think you really get what you pay for.
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