Is it too late for a winter plot?

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by joerugz, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if I missed the window for a late season winter plot?
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    Depending what you are planting, this may be the best time to plant. I put mine out 18AUG and the lack of rain is killing me. I am hoping the cooler temps will save it.

  3. clover and chu-fu. a mix from Whitetail Institute. Complications from the tractor and now weather are working against us. Maybe we should switch to winter wheat!
  4. Not sure about the chufas, as I have only put those in the spring, but clover will be fine over the winter. It might not be real beneficial this fall, but as long as it takes root, which it still will, you should have a good stand in the spring. I like planting all of my clover in the fall. It gives it time to grow and get a good stand in case of a dry summer.

    If you just want a green field, mix the clover w/ the winter wheat, and then next summer when the wheat starts to go to seed, mow it down, then the clover will take off again, and you will feed the turkeys, as well as put another stand of wheat out for next year, while keeping the nutritional clover mixed in. They will eat the fresh clover in the spring when the wheat is still knee high, but once it gets higher than that, they tend to lay off the clover, which is fine. Causes less stress during the dry months of the summer.