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Is it too hot to fish?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by woodysoutdoors, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Husband says it's too hot to fish. what do you think? It's about 7pm thurs night. I wanna fish!!!
  2. MAKtackle

    MAKtackle your REEL friend

    Have BEER......Will travel!

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    right now?................................he's right.but hopefully it will be cooler when i hit the water at 2 in the morning:D
    fish till about 8 or 9 and then crawl back into the A/C till 2 saturday morning;)
    that will be my schedule till this heat wave goes away.
  4. yeah it prob is too hot. But I have the fish'n itch. You all know what I am talking about.

    MAKtackle you are prob 3 hrs away so it would be cooled down by the time you got here, LOL!

    I wish it would rain like crazy and cool it down. not storm per say I hate storms but a nice steady rain. I'd even sit it in and fish.
  5. BUT!!!!! As Misfit says it will probably be just right around 2 a.m. here anyway.

    Supposed to rain a bit I thought?
  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    now i could do that:)
  7. It's never to hot or to cold to fish! I get out when I can.
  8. Just for this reason, I can't wait till I'm old...... I mean retired.:D Sucks havin to work for a livin.
  9. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    be careful what you wish for;)
    sometimes being old and not working also sucks:D
  10. Naw, you can fish and hunt everyday. What's better than that!!!
  11. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    nothing........................if i was able ;) :(
    but then if i was able,i also wouldn't be retired:D
  12. I agree by the time I am "kid free" you know when the kids turn 18 I'll be too old and sick to do much. LOL! Why can't we retire and be kid free from time to time when we are young enough to enjoy life. Love my kids but I need a break sometimes.

    I can't speak on retirement really b/c I can not complain. I have a good husband who works very very hard so I can be at home. I do attend college but that's not physically hard just mentally challenging lol!

    well since I am sitting here typing this email that means I did not get to go fishing. :(

    Perhaps sat. I will be kid free after 2pm sat. LOL!

    I think i'd like to go camping and fishing all night.

    I think I saw another topic just now that said something about is it ever too hot to fish? I'll have to go view it.

    What is the hottest or coldest temp that anyone has ever fished?
  13. Champion188 Elite

    Champion188 Elite Smallie slayer

    Get on over to Dillon Lake,I see your near Zanesville. I've caught some good bass at night on Dillon when the heat is turned on.
    Or just get some chicken liver and a lantern and catch all the small channel cats you can handle.
  14. seriously. where? as a child I fished what they call the back waters of dillon but there's no access to that area anymore (at least where I use to go). Where should I go at dillon? somewhere near the dam? I have to shore fish.
  15. Champion188 Elite

    Champion188 Elite Smallie slayer

    If your stuck on the bank the bassin may be out of the question,but as far as the cats should be able to catch them anywhere on the lake you can find access.I beleive there is some shoreline areas near the dam,just toss that liver out there and keep your eye on the pole,those little channels will bite all night long.
    Actually any body of water with a population of cats is usually decent at night this time of year.Liver,cut bait(chubs,suckers,shad,bluegill)shrimp,they aren't picky.
    You can probly identify areas along the shore where people night fish,sadly there will be trash such as empty nightcrawler containers,beer/pop cans,remnants of fires.
  16. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    It's never too hot to fish.
  17. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    i second that:D
  18. thanks guys! I spent all day at the ohio state fair today but I plan to do some night fishing tomorrow night (sat) so I'll let you know how it goes. NO way am I letting my husband stop me from going this time, LOL! I want to fish! :)
  19. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    ITs Never to hot to Fish.

    I'll Fish any weather I have the time to fish.
  20. ok guys I finally get to go. At least I'm walking out the door as we speak to go fish. wish me luck!