Is it just me or has August been a bad month

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  1. Seriously has fishing really slowed down for the rest of you people this month? May-July had been pretty good until August hit. Now places like Winton Woods ,where I fish at least 4 nights a week, you're lucky to catch 1 maybe 2 fish in a short period(2hrs or so). Things aren't biting during the day and even night has been dead. There is about a 30min window every night that fish seem to bite(roughly 8:45-9:15)

    Although I'm not a huge fan of pay lakes, the fact that Lake Isabella has all night fishing is nice. Back in June and early July it was good fishing. Late July into this month we haven't caught anything. This past Friday we did 10hrs of fishing in the night through morning. We started around 9p.m. and I didn't get any serious bites until 2:30a.m. Those lasted 20 minutes until the bluegill bait was killed and they left. Someone caught a small Channel around 8a.m. This was the only fish that was seen.

    On the good side I've caught 3 of the biggest fish of the year this month including my second largest fish ever, a 26in Channel cat.
    So are any of you feeling the same way???
  2. a1deerhunter

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    I just got back from fishing the Whitewater river with GoneFission. We tore up the smallies. We put in at Connersville Indiana and floated down to Interstate 74. Took us two days but the fishing was outstanding.

  3. LMRsmallmouth

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    This has been my best month this year.....
  4. Been the best month of the year so far. Oustanding walleye fishing.
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    Has been awesome for me this month. Too much rain this Spring and into June, early July made things tough. Towards the end of July and into August has been great in the kayak.
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    August has been a decent month, BUT this weekend was a bust. We did a 12 mile float on the LMR Saturday from north of Cesar's to Ft. Ancient, I managed one small rock bass. Then Sunday I waded a decent section of the LMR and only managed 2 channel cats. I threw everything I had from tubes to cranks. Caught the rock bass on a rebel craw and the to channels on Gulp shiners. What have you river fisherman been using and having luck on? For me the Gulp shiners have been my go to this season. I just wish the would last longer than 1 fish!!!
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    I forgot to mention in my original reply we also saw four Bald Eagles. That was the best part of the trip. I am glad to see they are doing so well.
  8. I have also been doing well in the lmr with gulp minnows, also jacks worm from case plastics have worked well. But as for this month I think I have caught more sauger and channels than smallies, but did catch a nice 17'' smallie this morning so cant complain.
  9. I have had a great August as well. Although I've had a couple of bad outings, they've been countered with GREAT days. Latley I've been using Gulp Leech's in the rivers and the fish just absolutly can't stay away form them. Picked up a 17in 3lb Smallie yesterday morn on a little 3 inch leech. And that was on my new Abu Garcia Light-action Spinning Reel which may have been my best purchase of the year. The fight that fish put on with that reel was the most exciting catch of the year for me. of course I forgot my camera AND phone. That part sucked!
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    I agree with A1deerhunter. The fishing trip was awesome. It was the best one we have had in years.