is early season hunting needed for success?

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  1. I bought all the stuff needed this year for deer hunting, but wont get out until this saturday. are my chances of killing one greatly diminished by my not being able to get out earlier in the season?
  2. If your a bow hunter, the early and late seasons are the best in my opinion.
    The woods are laced with gun hunters and the deer know it. You will get one if your out cause their being kicked up everywhere. But the last few weeks in jan. with the temps down amd the snow up, the deer are feeding heavily. Hunt a food source and the deer will come to you.

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    I would agree that late and early season are pretty good. Early is great because the deer are deep into their patterns and are really relaxed. You can almost predict them like clockwork as long as they don't get disturbed. After the first couple of weeks it gets hard to find them (The October lull). November is primetime due to the rut and the cooler weather moving them around (not to mention the bucks get stupid and you can get away with more mistakes). Late season can also be great because the woods have quieted down and like stated before, if you know where the food sources are it's money! More than anything it's just getting out there and giving it a shot. You aren't going to shoot one sitting on the couch. Good luck!

    I forgot the mention...I can only relate to bowhunting. I used to rifle hunt when I lived in Wyoming, but that's different circumstances and animals and a shorter season :)
  4. I am guessing that you may be referring to gun season hunting? If so then I would say that you still have plenty of opportunity to kill a deer. Just keep in mind that many areas will not have much midday movement unless the deer are coaxed by hunters. But if there are many hunters in the area that is not an issue because there is always someone moving about. Dawn and dusk will typically be your best bets though.
  5. Statistics would show Saturday of gun season typically produces the second largest daily harvest number with opening day being the best (#1) day. Most hunters with tags are out as they are off work and many folks that sat tight all week get up and push deer around.

    Sit tight in an escape or funnel area and you should get some action.
  6. I would agree with the above. Seems as though a lot of the big bucks know where to hide come gun season, so they are still around for late bow season and muzzle loader season. After gun season I typically only hunt the first 2 hours and last 2 hours of daylight.
  7. ...Have hunted deer in Ohio and Pa. for the past 45 years ...and have found out the first Monday and Saturday's are the best to have deer move in on you...Everyone trys to get out on those days...Some take a week vacation and hunt all week but all are not fortunate to have the time comming...More people in the woods move the deer...The Big old Bucks are smart enought to Hide and Bed up after the first day...waiting for you to come to them...and most know you are comming long before you know they are there...But still hunting them is still a good way to go...There out there they just don't want you to know where...
    Short story...A hunting buddy and I saw a buck go into a thicket one time ...the thicket was only about 60 or 70 feet in diameter...followed his trail to the thicket saw where he went in ..we had to get down on our hand and knees and crawl about 10 feet in and couldn't go any further...but he damn thick had to back out could not even turn around...His home...Saw him one time after that ...beautiful big white racked 10 point....
    ...:! ...GOOD LUCK GUYS....:!
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  8. thanks for the info. this will be my first time hunting in 15 years, and my first time hunting for deer period. so I'm rather ignorant on the matter. I've only hunted rabbit before with some amish friend at the time, but never actually shot anything. didn't really want to, I just liked the hike, the company and watching those amazing dogs do their thing.