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'Iron' Mike Tyson Falls....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TIGHTLINER, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Did anybody else catch the Mike Tyson/Danny Williams fight last night?!?!? 'Iron' Mike Tyson was a mere shell of his former self. Tyson was calm and collected, nice to reporters and really seemed to lack the desire and didn't possess the eye of the tiger. Tyson came out like gangbusters in the first round and looked like he was gonna drop Williams landing some thunderous body shots, but the bigger Williams was able to hang on when Tyson twisted his knee. Despite being cut in the third round Tyson won the first three rounds on all of the scorecards. Williams used his size to his advantage to wear Tyson down and started going toe to toe with Tyson and eventually gained the upperhand. Late in the fourth round Williams hit Tyson with a flurry of wild combinations and eventually knocked Tyson down into the ropes and Tyson was unable to beat the 10 count. Williams joins the list of a select few to record victories over Tyson. (Douglas, Holyfield (2), Lewis) So what is next for 'Iron" Mike? He is severely in debt, he worked out a deal to fight 7 more fights to clear himself in bankruptcy courts, but right now it doesn't appear as if Tyson will ever fight again. Can Tyson still draw? Will Tyson fight again?

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  2. I saw it too and I would say you got it right. As for next, I would hope that he would hang it up but what would he do about his debts? I mean, he's already in bankruptcy court. Really sad. I have been a really big supporter of Tyson over his career even with his crazy antics and troubles. Almost shed a tear when Douglas beat him. I don't think he can draw the numbers anymore. The only reason I ordered the fight was to try and help him out. :D I knew I could catch the highlights on Sportscenter but figured he's in need. I know sure well he shouldn't be as I do work in the financial services industry but I can't help but feel for the guy.

  3. muskiehunter

    muskiehunter Was that Bass 5lb?Burp!

    seen it...your picture says it all...put a fork in him,he's done :cool:
  4. dip

    dip dip

    he hooked up with don king (related to DA KING?) and dumped the HBO deal to go PPV...... i had even subscribed to HBO and never forgave the bum. a good fight for him would be to get in the ring with tonya harding..... EVEN ODDS.