Irish Hills, Mich night fishing

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  1. Did a bit of night fishing at a small lake my family has a cottage on this weekend. Pretty bright moon, which tends to make the bass a little skittish in my experience. Pretty slow night to start, we got out around 1 or so just as the moon was getting high in the sky. A few short strikes on the spinnerbait, a few dinks. We started to work our way into an area my friends and i call "Hog Cove", which is a large area of shallow sloppy goodness leading to a couple deep holes in the back of the cove. The weeds are finally dying back enough to work the troll back there reasonably quietly at night. I borrowed a chatterbait from my buddy and started to get into some better bass. Nothin' huge, a couple stocky 2 pounders. Then my friend caught a good one on a frog, long and skinny i'd put her between 3-4lbs. Just quietly slurped the frog, different than the vicious explosions i've come to expect from a fish of this size on frogs. He catches several more decent ones, all quiet strikes. Nothin on the chatterbait for awhile. Then he catches another fatty, a solid 4lbs to be sure. "Alright, i'm switchin to the frog, one more cast" i say to him. I throw the chatterbait one more time and feel a solid strike, swing back to set the hook and get no resistance. Bit off clean. Friggin bowfin i think to myself. I owe my buddy another chatterbait, this is the 3rd of his i've borrowed and lost to toothy critters. So i tie on my trusty 1$ wally world spinnerbait thinkin maybe i'll get lucky and catch this ugly bastard with my friend's 7$ chatterbait in it's jaw. A few casts, nada. Screw it i'm puttin' on the frog, start reelin fast with the intention of changin lures and it gets hammered right by the boat. Momentary chaos and a hella adrenaline blast and i have a FAT 36 in Pike in my hand. Awesome. Very close to my personal best in this lake, and definitely the biggest one i've seen here in 5 yrs or so. I've caught several in the past i believe bigger, but didn't have a measuring tool. And no, she didn't have the chatterbait in her face, but i thoroughly believe this is the fish that bit it off. Blew my mind because i've never in 15 years of night fishing at this lake caught a pike after dark. Lots dogfish and tons of bass, but never a pike. I imagine the bright moon played into it. So, i stuck with the spinnerbait the rest of the night and caught nada after that while my friend continued to do pretty well on the frog. All in all i got 3 or 4 2lbers, the pike, and a pile of dinks, and my friend caught the 2 nice ones i mentioned, quite a few in the 2lb class and a pile of dinks. Beautiful night. Anybody else have any night pike stories or input? I've always heard they're feed using predominately sight, i figured that's why i haven't caught many after dark.
  2. 'Grats on the 36er. I've never caught any at night. Most of the waters I fish are pike-less, but I have been having some better luck catching a few this year. All mine have been in the day.