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    Last Friday, I stopped at the Fuel Mart at Rt. 6 and 23 and picked up a sixpack of Beer. The cashier ask for my I.D. no problem, I pull out the wallet open it for her to see and she say's I had to take them out of my wallet. I removed them and handed it to her to see that I was of legal age. Before I new it she swiped my drivers license through the cash register...! :confused: I ask her what that was about...she could only tell me that she was required to do it. I asked her if this was some kind of new state law, and of course she had no idea.
    Needless to say, I was NOT very happy about the whole the very least, let me know what you're intending to do with my identification and what is this info being used for other than the transaction at hand.
    Whatever happened to a visual check of your I.D.? Has anyone else had this happen to them...???
    I hope this isn't something that is going to spread throughout the entire state...! :mad:
  2. She ID'ed you...????:confused: ....She must of forgot her glasses or contacts were cloudy..

    i thought they ID if ya look younger than 35 not 55...LOL

    Serioulsy... that is a concern.. what kind of big brother crap is that... needless to say i assume you wont be going back there Ole' timer eh??


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    You don't look a day over 21 (no matter what Frank says) LOL ! I would have ID you too but I would not have swiped you !:p
  4. I seen this happen the other day. I don't know the reason but it might be a way for the state to audit places to make sure they are not selling to minors.
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    never heard of that, must be something they do to bengirls fans to make sure they are not on some type of house arrest and able to legally buy booze.LOL..

    seriously, i never have heard of that. i thought that was for law enforcements use, not suzie smoo at the fuel mart..
  6. Since he is such a young man....

    Rememeber only 350/month.... and you can feel like a young buck again on the water with a NEW Boat.......

    J/ K... Rodney your more than A. O . K in my book...

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    I love this site, but, man you guys can be harsh!:p
  8. I am wondering if it is simply to take away the math for the cashiers. I know it sounds ridiculous but so many of our society can not do simple math and some would probably struggle to know where the cutoff date is and whether what they are looking at is before or after it.:rolleyes: It may just simply be a tool for them to scan and have the system tell them whether you are old enough. Other than that I have no idea what they could be doing it for. If they are doing it for the reasons that many fear then I would think there would be major resistance from rights groups.
  9. i had this happen to me last new years at a liquor wine store, basicly i was told it takes the guess work outta actually visually looking at the id with all the different hollowgraphs on the new ids, plus that lil magnetic strip on the back has ur whole life history on it anyway and if u get pulled over or a ticket and give ur id to the cop they just slide it like a credit card and poof ur life pulls up before them, nice to know that something that is required by law to have on us at all times has all our info on it.
  10. They aslo swipe driver's licence for all beer sales at home CBJ hockey games. Even if you return to the same beer vendor multiple times and he/she remembers you. They swipe it each time. It's bad enough that they charge about $6 per beer.
  11. Frank,

    You sure know how to kick a guy when he's down! Rodney looks young enough to card!:p

    Rodney-Buy a 12 pack next time...that way they will know you aren't a beginner!:p

  12. musta been dat "who dey" button on your hat :) :) :)
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    The Actual ID does not have any information on it. The Information that police use is stored on a private server(securely, I hope) protected for police and emergency use. All that your ID tells is your name, Bday, and some sort of a call number so that when a cop swipes it, it will call up your information, probably your divers license number. If the card itself had life information on it then you'd have to get a new card everyday or every time something changed. So for someone to steal your Info they would first have to gain access to state emergency servers and then steal your ID. Personally if I were going to jack someones identity I would just use the good old fashion mail. People act like the internet invented identity theft but the fact of the matter is you can do it just as easily by snatching someones mail.
  14. I took a nail and scratched up my magnet strip on the back of my CDL. When a trooper swiped it the last time I got pulled over it didn't work. The trooper just called it in and never said a thing about it.
  15. i really dont understand what all the hub-bub is about. :confused: if you aren't doing anything wrong, what's the problem? sounds like a bit of paranoia to me!

    swipe my license all you want - whatever it takes to get me that sweet, sweet nectar. :D
  16. im with amorican, i really dont care if someone swipes my card or let alone tries to steal my info, all my information is well protected, and ill be the first to say that the internet has only made it easier for identity theft, but like athensfishin' stated there are other means, and trust me i know i am a victim of identity theft, 20 years old trying to get a checking account and my credit comes back with owning two homes 3 boats 5 cars/trucks and numerce overdrafted checking accounts, needless to say i was escorted to the police department and spent the next 3 1/2 years clearing my credit and all the lady did that was from cleveland was randomly pick a SS# from thin air, now everything that deals with credit or money is password and two forms of identifcation protected even if i want $5 bucks back from depositing my check. when i meant life history i meant all ur previous violations of the law (which mines pretty long from when i was younger LOL)
  17. The Swipe of the card is just a way to protect against fake ID's. It's not difficult to reproduce a visually accurate ID. Most of that hologram trash wears off when kept in a walet anyway. Pluss most cashiers don't look that close at on anyway. Its just a tool to stop the store from getting busted for sell beer to underage kids. I've seen a few bars have the same type of thing. We live i a world ruled by lawyers. The place just doesn't want to have to deal with the BS.
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    giant eagle tracks everything you buy with their cards and then they profile you ,and sell the info they have on you. then certain purchases also get flagged as possible drug parafinalia like your buying too many baggies??? the swiped info could also be sold . i hate even when they ask for my zip code at loews.i think big brother will be here soon.
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    The eyes, their always me. They really want my personal information, because I'm really important, me me me. They use the info for marketing and market interests that in the long term usually lead to better products or stores for consumers.
  20. Places that have a lot of probs with fake ID's do this alot. In some cases, if an establishment has been busted for selling to minors due to fake ID utilization, the state may require them to swipe ID's to verify that they are legit as a condition of their keeping their beer-wine-liquor license. You'll see this alot at bars that attract college crowds IE Paninis, Brothers, Gaswerks, Lodge Bar...etc, and I have seen it at some convenience stores.

    There's very little personal info on the magnetic stripe...just your name, addrss and DOB - basically a digitally encoded version of whats printed on the front. Since they are expensive to purchase, program and affix to a fake ID, having a WORKING magnetic stripe 99% indicates a legitimate ID.