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Introduction & Entreaty

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by bigdaddyoh, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hello All. I am new to OGF and wanted to introduce myself and shamelessly beg for help. I have been fly fishing for two years now and am just now feeling like I have a clue about what I'm doing (sometimes). I am self taught and have done a fair amount of reading on the subject. I would love to hook up with some fly guys (or girls) who could show me what I'm missing and how to be better. I am 38 yrs old, married with two teenage kids. I live in Medina and mostly fish the metroparks in Medina County although I have gone as far a field as Rocky River, Findley SP and Cuyahoga Valley NP to fish. I am originally from Port Clinton up on the lake and get back there fairly regularly. Grew up fishing Walleye & Perch up there. I'm not picky about what I fly fish for (any fish that will take a fly is a good fish to me). Is there anyone out there who would like to make new fishing buddy and show this relative novice how it's supposed to be done? As a very small incentive, I have permission to fish at Hill-N-Dale Hunt Club here in Medina (my boss is a member) and would happily invite a new fishing bud over there to fish for stocked rainbows.
  2. What kind of problems ya having, casting, or presentation. Having access to stocked area is the best pratice. Getting fish out of a stocked area is a little bit of a challenge since they see the same flies all the time, I've fished a few stocked clubs in the area, and they can be tuff but not impossible. I mostly steelhead fish and occasionaly I sneak out to PA to do some trout fishing. Send me a PM and I'll be happy to hook up with ya.

  3. bdo,
    I live in Canton & always looking for new challenges. BTW, two fine gill lakes in the Medina Parks are River Styx Park & Hubbard Valley. I have seen 10"+ gills out of each, & my largest gill (11") came from River Styx. I can't wait to get my pontoon on those lakes, but this year has been pretty busy. Three of my current 6 Grandkids started fishing with Grandpa this year, & the most avid angler is 2 1/2 year old Tori...she likes to reel in the flyrod & even tries to cast it! They've kept the old guy pretty busy, but hopefully, I'll get more time on the water soon. Keep in touch!
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    shoot me a pm. I fish the CVNPand some other local tribs. I have fished hill n dale and its nice but i prefer moving water.