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  1. If I hook another computer up in my house, on a separate cable (cable net) will it slow my original computer down when both computers are accessing the web?

    I have a cable in my basement that was only used for cable until my brother in law moved in. He found out that the cable will work for his Xbox and has been using it for xbox online, and now he wants to hook a computer up down there and use my internet. It is not a roadrunner only line, it comes off a splitter. It works fine for his xbox, and I have not seen any slow down upstairs, but I want to be sure that it won't interfere if he runs a computer down there off that line.

    I need to know if this will cause me any problems with my net upstairs.

    Thanks for any help guys.

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    Bandwidth is bandwidth. The more computers/devices you hook up to your home connection, and the more those devices are in use (ie, actively sending/receiving data) then it's going to impact the rest of the devices in the household. I wouldn't worry about it too much though, you aren't going to see things come to a crawl regardless.
  3. Thanks guys, just wanted to make sure before allowing it.
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    If anything, he would be the first to notice the latency in the game play, You're safe.