International Harvester freezer

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by chadwimc, May 15, 2008.

  1. A co worker gave this to me to keep deer meat. I didn't even know IH made freezers. It runs like a champ. It has service valves (so it can actually be repaired if need be). The side walls are about 5 inches thick. It should hold a deer , maybe two if I grind the deer up.
  2. I worked for IH in Springfield for 30 years and always heard of the freezers and how long they would last. Don't know how old it would be but I think it may last forever. Looks in great shape. If its built like the trucks your grandkids will be able to use it.

  3. i've only ever seen one other IH appliance. My wife's grandpa had a refrigerator that was made by IH. That thing weighed as much as a sherman tank. One of the family has it now. Still running!
  4. I know of one freezer like yours and it was made eons ago. But as with all IH items it is running like a top. I have dibs on it when the owner does decided to part with it.
  5. they just dont make things as tuff as the IH did.... nice freezer.....