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Interline crappie rod????

Discussion in 'Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace' started by exexec, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Anyone know where I may be able to get one of these? Would like a 12- 14 footer.
  2. In Ohio there's Netcraft in Toledo that sells in- line poles and I have purchased a number of them from the company. They are located by the Toledo Zoo.

    I also purchase from

    They deal in alot of Crappie items and I have purchased some from them also and you omitt Ohio sales tax buying from them.
    I have 10 foot all the way through 20 foot and I have found I favor the 14 foot model for that extra 2 feet along the shoreline and also to extend not having to get right up to the cover just right.
    Besides that up to the 14 foot you can handle the weight of the pole without becomeing tired holding it.
    After 14 feet the rods become somewhat heavy after time.

    Giizzly Jig has one line called "TeleClassic" 10 foot $12.95
    12 foot $14.95

    They also carry"B&M Fish-Pole Reel Combo"
    10 foot $19.95
    12 foot $21.95
    14 foot $23.95

    Hope this information helps,

  3. I Just Had A 14ft Branch Fall Off My Would Make An Excellent Rod..
    And Its Free..
  4. BlueRibbonTaxidermy

    BlueRibbonTaxidermy BlueRibbonTaxidermy

    If youve ever been on E-bay they sell them allot. Type in search words "noodle rod" and pick your lenght.
  5. Don't know where you live but call Rodmakers in Strongsville and ask them if they have any. (440) 572-0400.