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Interesting observations

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by Tornichio, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. I thought about posting this last weekend, but started to read the other thread and was interested in that to see how it turned out.

    Here are some observations that I noticed last weekend. I was fishing a local river and was testing out my new spod that i built. I was able to cast it half way across the river with a moderate cast, which I was fairly happy with considering I was only using a 7 foot rod. At any rate. I tested the spod out the first cast which was only a foot from the shore. So I could see the corn fall straight to the bottom. I was using steam rolled maize that I soaked half an hour. no flavor was added and it was fresh not rotten. At any rate. with in a minute I had a carp looking at my corn which was in a mall 4" wide pile. The carp would hover over it but never really eat it at all. So I continued to chum with the spod and had my spod go right over its head. Never scared the fish once with the spod. Any way the fish would not eat the corn it would leave and come back but never eat the corn. So I decide to put the sweet corn out. Again the fish was there in a matter of minutes. I am not sure why or how it was back so quickly but it was. the interesting thing was that the fish would eat the sweet corn right a way. I watched it suck the corn up pretty regularly. I kept topping off after the fish would leave. I noticed that if I would talk loudly in a loud voice but not yelling. I would scare the fish away quite quickly. But it would always return for the sweet corn. I eventually put a piece of sweet corn on with a floating peice of artificial corn. The fish returned and took it and I caught him.

    Just some simple observations about 1 particular fish's preference and dislikes.

  2. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Marc, I too chum with something close to SRC i use roasted corn(basically same thing).
    I have yet to use mine :plain" and always add a thing or 2 too it. Sweetcorn is as close to an instant fish puller as ive seen...ive tested close to shore as you have and seen carp go right past one one chum..and quickly suck up another everytime.

    Watching carp and not fishing can teach you many you also learned carp do react very well to noise and in areas where there not used to it even talking will spook them....while other areas ive had tone of runs while spodding over top of my baits...didnt spook them at all.

    Good show and good learning session,


  3. That is very interesting. Seems some carp have a different taste than others. I usually boil the cracked corn up and make balls to catapult...even without flavor they seem to enjoy that stuff since I've caught many that were squirting corn out. Lately I've been using sweetcorn to chum more than anything else just because I don't have much time to do anything more than open a can.
  4. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    welcome to the lazyman club doood.. :D
    good observation marc... i bet if you stay long enough to watch them, eventually i'm sure some other fish would come and mopped those maize up.. :) it may not work right away like sweetcorn.. but in time.. they will love it..
  5. I know the steam rolled rice or maize for that matter works well. I was just using it with out letting it ferment. the stuff I made this past weekend sat all week long and smelled fremented. It kind of smelled sweet. I would like to compare it to sweet corn sometime. I did not catch any fish or see any rolling over it. I don't think my area was any good.