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  2. They're going to "eat" the bluegill into extinction? Let us know how that works out for ya! :D

  3. :D may be we should send some to China and Iran :D

    These little fishies are tough fighters and will compete for
    their place in the food chain.

    They have dominated some small farm ponds and would take over our rivers it it wern`t for our Cat-fish and Bass.
  4. i have read about bluegill and largemouth causing some big problems overseas where introduced, i guess they have been whiping out the native fish in japan, i just dont know where there is freshwater in japan, or what the fish are, i heard old diches but what native fish lives in a ditch, how big is this lake they are talking about? as for eating them to extinction, japan could do it, they already put a major hit on the worlds offshore fisheries i think i few ponds or one lake would be no problem. that nation eats some serious amount of fish, i think we should commercial fish silver carp and ship them over there, food for them money for us
  5. Sounds to me like there may be a business opportunity for some bright, young entrepeneur over there...

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    YEA!!!chalk one up for the mighty, bluegill burger..
  7. Maybe they need to try them with a little tater sauce. Might not be a bad as they think
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    Is Tater sauce related to tater tot?