Interesting fishing trip

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bill1269, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. The wife and I hit a small river that run's right thru Bucyrus.Everybody has told me since I moved here that there were no fish in it and I have never seen anybody fishing it.Well we were bored so we decided to give it a try anyway.Her first cast she reels in a 12 inch smallmouth (her first fish on her new ugly stick ultra light so she was like a little kid) so now we both get to fishing and allmost everyother cast one of us was reeling in a fish.In around 2 hour's and 1/4 mile wading and hitting the deep pools we had caught 5 smallmouth,only 2 over 12 inch,11 rock bass with 3 of them over 10 inch(didn't know at the time that 10 inch was a fish Ohio award) and I quit counting the chubs and sucker's we caught.Didn't even take a Camera since I was assured there were no fish in it.No trophy fish but it was afun little outing for us and wanted to share it with you guy's.Anybody in the area bored they6 should give it a try.
  2. "No trophy fish!" A 10" rockbass is a nice fish. I've been trying to get one that's 10'' but no luck so far, and you got 3 in one day. SOunds like a good place to visit when you're bored and don't want to go to far.
    Either nobody fishes that river or they just say that to keep everyone else away.