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Interesting day at Findlay Reservoir

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by UncleBud, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. UncleBud

    UncleBud Retired and Happy

    Wife and I went fishing this afternoon. Didn't catch much, mainly account of wind. Got to get me a chain drag to slow the drift up. Anyway, I was made a firm believer in spiderwire line. Had on 12 lb diameter/24 lb strenght and I snagged something. Line refused to break, but whatever I snagged began to move up. Wife grabbed line with me and we hauled it up. When it appeared on surface, we started to laugh. Somehow I had snagged the anchor,(10 lber), along with about 25 feet of rope, which was tied at the other end of the boat. The worst damage was it almost straightened out the hook. :eek: :eek: Wife told me that I had caught my limit for the day. :D
    Also, today, I saw my first case of rudeness at the ramp. I and 2 other boats were waiting to come in and this young man (loose term) started down to put in his boat. Stopped halfway down and proceeded to put his fishing tackle in the boat from the truck, plus other stuff. What really tore it, was when he put lures on his poles and put them in his holders. In the mean time, 2 other boats put in at the other side, with 2 pulling out. When he finally got in the water, someone must have said something to him, because I saw the single finger signal and heard words from him. All I can say, is that he had better be careful who he does that to, cause one of the guys that was standing there, could have picked him and his boat up and tossed them both on dry land. Not saying he was big or anything, But...... :D
    Still all in all, we had a good time. Always do, when I go fishing with the little women.