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  1. "Across the country we've lost a third of the fly shops in a two-to-three-year span. The interest in fly fishing is there, we've just seen changes in the way people shop."

    me, I dont shop the big chains. why? theyre not cheaper. there's fixed pricing in the market. and my equipment, at least my rod and reels are all made in the US.
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    I agree, just about all my equipment are made in usa as I try keep it here since China and few other countries have put on a burden to the ones that were working and now they can't find another job that paying the same. When shopping the local samall shop you get knowledgeable people along with not someone they hired off the street for minimum wages. I just got a 20 buck off thing from Cabelas and want know what I did? Threw into the woodburner! Because its they just sucks when you look for something there. I was over at MRO and Clintonville Outfitters in Col's over the weekend and put my money there. I wa happy helping the small shops.