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  1. I think I am going to try and target some Gar. I was talking to a buddy of mine about it and we both got a little excited about it. I hear they put up a pretty good fight. I just have a few questions for you experts out there. How do I target these fish? What kind of rig should I have set up? What kind of bait works the best? Live baitfish, or using a lure. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    All I can tell you is that I fish a lot of area's that have gar and I do not catch them... ever. Don't use circle hooks. A friend showed me a rig that had a stringer treble hook on the end of it. He has a pretty high catch rate using them in areas where the gar are activley feeding.

  3. Best advice I can give ya is to drive 4 hours and fish a catfishing tournament on the Ohio River. This method worked out just great for me last weekend. Between the two I got to the boat there had to be 50 lbs of fish. Let me tell ya their teeth stick real well in heavy dacron braided line. :D

    Seriously though I hear of people making lures out of pieces of rope. Just cut a piece of rope and frey it out good. Either fasten it to your hook or just tie it on your line. When they hit it their teeth get stuck in the line and they usually don't get loose. I guess the tricky part would be get them untangled. The like to roll alot and make a mess with your line. Just be careful around them teeth they are sharp and there is a bunch of them.
  4. no kidding me too, i see tons of them in hoover, darby creek, and walnut creek, i have never hooked one that i can remember!
  5. Give them the shaft! Best way to gar fish is by bow.... Bowfishing that is.
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    Run hook through mouth and gill without sticking the creek chub and then hook through meat of tail.The reason through mouth then gill because in my experience the gar bit off the part were I didnt hook.When you run it through the gill like that when you set the hook the chub folds into so even if they bite the head you still get him when you set him.Also works great for catfishing!Oh And before I forget go to big darby down by trapper johns in darbydale you can see them things usually swimming everywhere.
  7. Thanks for all of the info guys. I have heard that they can be tough to catch, but I am always looking for a good challenge. One of my buddies was telling me that they are all over Darby. I actually just read something online that said frayed nylon rope works real well. I guess I will just have to go out and experiment a little. Thanks again for the advice!
  8. I have had pretty good success in the Darby using a Hula Popper w/white rubber skirt. Most the gars I've caught were in the 18" to 26" range. Good luck.
  9. Frayed cotton rope actually works better than nylon. I fly fish for them with what amounts to a piece of frayed white cotton rope with a few pieces of flash tied in and a red stinger hook behind. The Stinger hook is there just ni case a curious bass comes along...for the gar all you need is the rope. Cast it out and retrieve in short strips. The hard part is waiting once you see the gar come and slash at it since you just sit and watch as it thrashes your rope bait around. Will take a few seconds to get tangles up, but it will and then game on. Just make sure you have a good knife along to cut your rope out once you land the fish ;)
  10. This year at Deercreek at the spillway my daughter and myself have caught over a dozen gar not by choice we were using bass minows and fishing for saugeye, smallmouth and etc.. The largest fish was over 36", I do not mind giving the information since I do not regularly fish for gar. I would say the smaller the hook the better you would be on hook sets. I would also try a steel leader to help from line breaks. We were fishing off the walls of the dam and just outside the current flow. I would suggest taking a lot of minnows because you will miss over 80% of your hook sets do to the size of their mouths. Good luck
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    Big Walnut, and the Scioto are probably the spots you wan't to go after them. Look for them in wide pools. I catch them on spinners, twisters, rapalas, and live fish.
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    I always used a heddon mini torpedo for them on the little darby. Seemed to work really well.
  14. Darby, thanks for the link to my article I wrote a few years back.

    Yeah, contrary to popular belief, the LN gar can be quite a handful on lighter tackle and when you get the larger ones, say over 5 lbs, they will test you r fish fighting abilities since they always make one more long un when the see the net, often tailwalk and jump and are very fast. A few tips, always tire them out before attempting to unhook them, they are pure muscle and when holding them, you will feel them tense up right before all hell breaks loose just like a bigger pike. I often use a leather glove to nose them and then use hemostats/LN pliers to get the rope out of theere mouth. Yes, tons of needle sharp conical shaped teeth. You do not need a leader but I recommend at least 10Lb mono or hevier since its not the teeth but the square scales and razor sharp gill plates that will get you.

    If you want more specifics, please feel free to PM me.

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    We use panty hose in the Huron River in the spring. Can catch them all day long on that. Looks retarded but it works real well.
  16. I actually checked out that article before I posted this thread. It has a lot of very good info. I didn't know that was written by you. Very nicely done, it actually answered a bunch of questions I already had. Now I think I just have to get out there and try my luck!
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    i have also used panty hose on the darby and it doese work usually use a heavier braid and tie the pany hose directly to the main line no hooks just about a six to eight in peice tie it in a not at both ends cast and retrieve when they hit it there teeth get tangled and you got them and it also pretty easy to get them off all you have to do is cut it out with a sharp nife and re-tie with a new peice.
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    Loved the rope bait! Hadn't heard about it.

    Gar are not too hard to find, and shouldn't be hard to catch if you are patient.

    Unlike most Ohio gamefish (such as bass or walleye), gar do not "inhale" their prey, or use their mouth and gills to form a suction which pulls the prey into their mouth. Gar grab the prey with their long narrow teeth filled mouth, then very quickly open and close the mouth while working the prey, head first, back to their mouth to swallow it.

    They prefer slow moving water in rivers, often found in backwaters, oxbows, and calmer runs. They often float right at the surface (why bow hunters love them), not moving a lot (sometimes they look like a stick). They will hit spinners and crackbaits, live bait, and cut bait. Check out the photo in the Northwest Ohio forum, Maumee River thread.

    Often if your are slow & quiet, you'll spot them at the surface and can cast your lure right up to them. Surface or just under the surface presentation is best.

    They are hard to get hooks out of, so bring a pair of needle nose pliers and a fish cleaning grove (to hold the long, slender fish). They can cut line with those exposed teeth, so enjoy the battle but be extra careful the last 10 feet or so.

    Have fun!

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