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installing a stereo

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Byg, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Byg


    I know someone has the answers LOL
    Gf bought me a am/fm/cd player for my boat. Its a grizzly 1448 not a big fancy rig. I can handle all the wiring etc.. but I was curious about the
    anntena hook up. Do I actually need one Or can I run some wire through my pvc conuit where the rest of my wires are or just leave a little hanging behind the radio. I dont want a anntena sticking out somewhere so I thought some wire might work.
  2. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    mine has a 18 inch pice of antenna wire with it and the reception is poor out on erie. i need to put 1 on ,but i cant find one that is not made for a certain type of car/truck. .

  3. You can get a rubber am/fm replacement antenna for $10-$15 which you may be able to mount somewhere and not be too obtrusive. They are about 12 inches long and flexible. I installed one years ago on top of my bobcat and it worked pretty well. I'm sure it would help with the reception in a boat.
  4. On a boat I had in the 80's I simply laid an antenna up in the bow area that was used for storage. It worked great. On my current yacht I tried that but the reception was poor. I had to have it out in the "open" . I am using a universal mount antenna and intend to try to perm mount it in a place that will work. I think you definitely need an antenna to pull in a good quality signal.
  5. when using a universal antenna, has anyone had a problem with the antenna needing to be grounded? I know on a car, the universals ground directly to the fender..... didn't know if a wire needed run to the battery on a boat or not.
  6. All you need to do is plug it into the back of the radio.
  7. jennis9

    jennis9 Fish against the fish...

    if you find that you have static - get a noise reducer at radio shack. also, may not want to mount it too close to a gps puck. our manual recommended three feet, but we're ok at 1.5
  8. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i just baught a self grounding rubber marine antenna from ebay for $12.00 shipped. hope it works well.
  9. Byg


    Got it in,works great .. I just bought an antenna adapter from napa and put a piece of 12ga wire in the end of that and let it stick out of the bench seat where ya cant see it
  10. Guys,
    Just a thought.... I used to have a camper parked in a campground that had bad radio reception. I bought a cheap signal booster so we could listen to the tribe games. Before we sold the camper, I took it out (it was 12 volt) and put it in my boat that had a wire antenna. Made a huge difference and the control box is like 1X2 inches below the dash. Hope this is helpful!