Installing a Kicker

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Millrat, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Does it matter which side of the boat I put it on? Thanks in advance!
  2. ezbite

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    you'll want to see which side of your boat has more weight on it and install on the other side. unless you have trim tabs, then i probably wont matter. i installed mine on the same side as the batterys and ended up moving the one battery to the other side. i also run a longer hose from the aux fuel tank so i can keep it on the lighter side. it really comes down to balance of the boat and how you want to run on plane.

  3. ez is correct on the weight distribution part of it. Some believe that a tiller kicker should be mounted on the starboard side for ease of steering. Remote steer kicker could be either side.

  4. If you are right handed and the kicker is a pull start. I say definitely port side to keep from falling overboard.

  5. Good point!

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    i put my 4 hp on the transom right behind me, but they are not hooked together.. at least untill i can figure how to do it for less than a few hundred bucks.