Installing a kicker motor?

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  1. I'm looking at buying a Tracker Targa that has I/O Mercruiser 3.0

    I want to be able to install a 9.9hp kicker motor with a steering link to the Mercruiser so that I can drive the kicker from the helm.

    Furthermore, if possible, I should get a (long shaft) four-stroke kicker to tap off the same fuel tank, correct?

    Sorry for the newbie questions. I don't know much about mechanics to begin with.. even more especially boat mechanics. I'll be paying to have this work done, I just need to know if it's possible before I buy the boat. I'm more adapted to electronics :)
  2. just make sure you get a quality mount that will lift the motor out of the water ..and yes you can run off the same fuel lines

  3. Thank you. I just needed to know for certain about steering link from the I/O Mercruiser to the kicker.

    Any recommendations on which mount?
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    Maybe the A.O.Y. will chime in here. He had posted a link to a relatively inexpensive one. Or you could always send him (Hetfieldinn) a PM. ;)
  5. The only connector link for steering for an IO to an outboard that I know of is the EZ Steer unit. Cabelas has them.

    Tapping into the fuel line on an IO will be a bit trickier than 'T'ing off of an outboard fuel line, but it can most likely be done.