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  1. It's going to be a HUGE show this week. Just got off the phone with Reno and he has two SPECIAL guests lined up. Sean Logan, Director of the ODNR will be on right at 8AM when the show starts. Division of Wildlife Chief David Graham will be on the show later in the AM to discuss new commercial fishing legislation and several other laws recently passed in Ohio to protect wildlife and the outdoor sportsman.

    Please, listen in and call too! If you have any questions on Ohio's outdoors agencies, these are the guys to talk to!

    Show is on 1420AM WHK from 8AM til 10AM Sundays. If you're out of the listening area, you can hear it through the link provided here on OGF in teh right hand margin.

    Keep an ear out for the OGF fishing report as well! Or call in and give your own.

    Thanks Reno and thanks OGF.
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