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Insane_report ( Gmr--i'm Pissed)

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by INSANE_SQUAD, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Fished Saturday night and i'm not pissed i lost 2 large flatties to the rocks and i'm not pissed i left some equipment at the river..I'M PISSED at the flagrant disregard and intentional pillage of this fine water way,a water way i hold with great respect and amazment..

    It was about 10:00 pm and 3 guys pulled up and we talked for a bit and they went fishing..The trio of mother nature rapist caught 5 flatties 40,36,25,18,and 14# flatties..I thought it was weird that every time they caught one the headed up the hill..I walked over to talk and see what they were up to and they took all 5 fish from the river and put them into a very small holding tank..I asked what they needed all the fish for and the guys said they were staking his pond and told me he has been staking all summer..HMMM i asked how big the pond was and he said 1 acre and i warned him about over stalking such a small pond with big flatties..I looked at the holding tank and said the 36 lber looks in bad shape and he should release it before it died and he refused..Ok i was getting pretty mad the they noticed it..One of the guys said buy we have a long way home..I asked where home was and they said Brown county---geeez what brings you out here and he said flatties..I told him every fish will die before they see Brown county and they did not care one bit.I now not one of those fish made it to Brown county and if they did why put a 40lber in a small pond?.

    I hate things like this--Keep your eyes open for the Brown county pillagers!!

    I'm not looking for an arguement with this post about taking fish from a beautiful river and transplanting them to a skum filled pond...I just had to vent..

    I have a few pictures i will post later...

  2. smalliehunter

    smalliehunter "The Mighty Wing Man"

    I am willing to bet those fish were headed for a pay lake somewhere...... I would not think anyone would want to stock thier 1 acre pond with that many flatties (not to mention the size) unless they were making a profit off of it.......... Thats too bad man........ hate to hear and see that kind of stuff!!!!! :mad:

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Dude I have seen that happen many times the last couple years..That is why we need limits on flatheads before they are all gone.
  4. monsterKAT11

    monsterKAT11 Team Fatty

    i can't wait to get out to fish for some flats, i can't see any problem with keeping a small flattie to eat maybe two. but i wouldn't take them out to put in a paylake or even a pond, specially a 36lb. i mean come on taking 5 out of there is pretty messed up specially concidering the size of them. i'm promising myself to let all of the flatties i catch go.
  5. Shuvelhed has run into him too. He gave me the exact same story, all summer, 1 acre pond. He said he wants to have his own tournament with his buddies. He even had the nerve to ask me for my 20# and 30# that night, and was upset because I let them go. If anyone sees him, he has a blue rubbermaid container he keeps them in. He also fishes with four rods when he is alone. Turn him in if possible!
  6. What are the chances that these guys are fishing a cat fish tournament somewhere and they are gonna hide these fish in that lake. Their story sounds a little fishy to me. No pun intended.
  7. catfishhunter001

    catfishhunter001 The Natural

    Correct me it i am wrong but isnt there a law that says you can not take any type of game fish out of a public waterway and move it to another body of water without a special licence or permit? Mabe Im wrong but i have read that someware...Just reading your report pisses me off man. I can understand wanting to stock a pond but these guys must not have a clue..besides they were more than likely headed to beaver lake Ive heard they buy fish under the table along with shad,chubs and suckers...shovelheads need some kind of protection such as size limits to protect these awsome river kings from people who dont care about anything but what they can take from OUR BODYS OF WATER..................

    CATFISHHUNTER001 IS ON YOUR SIDE.....................................................
  8. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I have heard the same old story several times this year "we are taking these fish to stock a pond" They are taking these fish to sell to paylakes pure and simple.
  9. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    We are fighting a long battle, the fish of the week pictures on the odnr website shows a flathead caught from a paylake...These great fish will be gone in the not to distant future.
  10. It doesn't make sense for the EPA to be required to protect the public from the potential health hazards if someone can relocate the fish and not carry along the safety information. So, there has to be something legally wrong with putting fish from the wild into the paylakes. The EPA data on potential health hazards that apply to certain areas might be a source for a legal way to stop some of it. They must have a rule somewhere, especially if those fish are being put out there for public consumption.
  11. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Some people.......
  12. Sounds like it time for a little recon. If they guys are stealing the public's fish for a profit it time to turn them in. If you see something fishy ;) , call the 800 number or get their tag#. Better yet ask if you can take their picture with the fish and then call the DNR. Seems like alot of you guys have had a run in with these clowns, let's put'm out of business.

  13. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    If you run into them again, call 1-800-poacher and turn them in, get their license plate # and description of their truck. They can ascertain if they actually do have a pond.
    Definitely the 4 rods are illegal. :(
  14. I can't wait to see these clowns again..I will have camera ready and get a few pictures of thier fish..This is a great idea..I will have them pose right in front the the truck..

    Great Miami River forever---poachers "NEVER"..

    Insane -----------out
  15. that picture idea is awsome. I hope it works. good luck.
  16. OhioCatman

    OhioCatman "Rip some lip!"

    Just what area are these guys fishing? ;) Tell us all so we know when to look for them if we are in the area. May hafta make a trip without fishin poles just to find em.
  17. THarris


    It must have been very difficult for you to keep your composure while in the presence of these idiots! I agree with the paylake theory ... clowns like this can and do make a couple hundred dollars off fish like you describe by selling to crooked paylake owners. The whole paylake mentality and desire for big fish by any means is going to ruin flathead fishing in public waters for generations to come if WE do not stop it!!!

    Anyway -- as hard as it is to hear you tell of it, I cannot imagine actually being there and seeing it happen! At least you kept your cool and are not posting from jail... The picture idea is great -- that should make them think twice about coming back to your spot...
  18. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    from this piece of garbage. Problem is that he gets dropped off about half the time. One night I saw one car, got license #, and it left, then another came with a kentucky license plate number and stayed for a while. didn't get that one. He is a freaking idiot. I am also guessing based on the odd hours he fishes that he is most likely unemployed, or working odd hours at Burger King. It is gonna be funny how things come full circle. Maybe a group of us should "persuade" him to find another place to fish the next time we see him.
  19. shuvlhed1,

    I find THAT kind of persuasion works the best. Sending a someone to jail or getting them a big fine still won't save the fish. Calling this guy on his bogus story and telling him to get lost will probably give him pause for thought.

    These guys work together. Find one and you will find more. Get rid of one and you might scare off a bunch.
  20. Shuvlhead,
    You can report these bozos by going to It's part of Operation Game Thief. I think if we all do so whenever we see people doing this kind of garbage we might have some decent fishing once again. If we all report them, then DNR will have to act. And it might help them to establish a pattern to make it easier to catch these guys. :mad:
    I also believe the pay lake theory. Anyone unscrupulous enough to sell people chances to fish in what amounts to an aquarium for such outrageous fees is likely to do just about anything, in my book. And that includes buying fish that he knows the person who possesses them has no legal right to sell. THAT IS ILLEGAL by the way. It falls under poaching. The same could be said if these yo-yos work for a pay lake that then sells the fish to their clients. Everybody knows fish that size are no good to eat, so they must be doing something with them. I bet if you were to stake out one or two of the more popular pay lakes around here, you'd see their vehicle again. Just don't act on your own. We need to do this legally and by the book. Remember, we're the good guys! :D