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Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JignPig Guide, Feb 11, 2008.

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    I went to the Boat & RV expo over the weekend and seen our OGF booth. It gave me a new appreciation for this forum. Very professional.

    I am thinking about buying an Alumacraft 17ft. Jon boat. It's got a nice platform on the front and back. It's light enough to go to some of the smaller waters that I mostly fish. But it's nice enough for me to enter some tournaments if I want to. I think I could customize one with plenty of horsepower & trolling power and pick it up for around $8,000.00. Any input or advice would be appreciated.

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  2. It's not the boat that catches the fish but he fisherman. That's why I'm happy with my 80 year old pappy's 14' alumacraft with a 15hp. If you can afford a real nice boat then (DO-IT). That sounds like a good deal. I love when those hugh high horse power boats are at the boat launch when I'm there. I allways get the snooty look from the owners but it don't bother me. You can guess why.

  3. If you love to fish, there is nothing like fishin from your own rig....regardless of what it is. Spend some time and look around at new and used rigs. When you find the right one.... you'll know.

    Think about where you want to fish and how you like to fish. Flat bottoms are excellent on some water..... and poor on others. Only you know what works best for you.

    My thinking is a lot like SrJigger. Enjoy fishing with the smallest investment possible. I'm too old, too short...and too dimensionally want a good lookin rig.

    Best of luck......come on spring!
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    JignPig Guide Fishing Guide

    I agree with both of you guys.

    I've been fishing out of a 14ft. V-bottom for years. And I've pulled a bunch-a-bass into that boat. But I would like to step up to a more stable boat with a decent platform.

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  5. Jigger you are right about the boat not catching the fish!!! If you have the money to buy all the toys that come with one of the new big-rigs then by all means go for it. I have seen Jiggers boat and he has seen mine. Thanks to our fathers we both have a good boat that fills our needs.I have a lot friends that have the big bass boats and they are nice to fish out of. My 9.9 may take me a little longer to get some where but I can take my rig to a lot of places that they cant. Ever since Dad got his new boat I have been adding things to mine,like new electronics and a foot controled motor. It may not look the best in the world,but it gets a lot of fish caught out of it.
  6. the boat will choose you:D you'll know when it's the right deal.
  7. I have both a 20' ranger with a 200 HP and a 15' flat bottom with a 9.9 that I built into a small bass boat. I have to say that I fish out of the 15' er more than the ranger. Less gas, and I can get into areas that i can't take my ranger. I also have that Nissan 9.9 built up into an 18 so speed is not an issue!:)
  8. Buy it. It sounds like a good deal.