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  1. I am new to cj but have been there a couple times and haven't caught any walleye. I have seen several caught around me so that tells me that i am either using the wrong bait or the wrong tactics. any information on how to improve my luck at cj would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Try Searching the prior posts and there should be lots of recent info.

    CJ is my local lake, but I don't fish for eyes too much :eek: ! I prefer to fish for cats :D The only info. (second hand) I have for you is that the eyes have been more scattered lately. They are still being caught in the usual areas, but you will have to work for them.

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    I am on a business trip not due back until tommorow, I just happened to look at the website while on break from a business meeting. Here comes the eye tip for today. The walleye are now in their summer pattern. They move around quite often. The best way for a newbe to fish CJ this time of year is to troll using 1/4 ounce hotntots in silver/black green/silver or gold/black. If you look at a map of C.J. you will see a road bed just off of the boat ramps. Troll the roadbed, zig zag the length then turn around and do it again. Trolling will help you learn the lakes contour better than any other presentation. You want to keep your speed around 2 mph with the tots, so as not to spin em out. Good luck! Oh by the way, I answered your PM right before I posted this.
  4. thank you so much for this tip- i am hoping to be back on the lake on monday the 26 th in the evening and we will try that.

    Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the info on cj. hope to meet all of you in the future and hopefully, i can pass some good information your way.