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Informal Tackle Survey

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Legendary Lures, May 16, 2004.

  1. I was just wondering how many lures and other tackle items you buy but haven't used? There is to say, do you have a bunch of "new in the package" things laying around?

    I have a fair amount, but since I make lures, I like to see the new lures that come out each year. I also enjoy seeing the unusual and novelty items, too.
  2. Hard baits only not couning jigs, etc. I only had 33 still in unopened boxes. Probably another 25 out of the box but never wet. The sum of these two probably less than 5% of my total count. I catch most of my fish on only two hardbaits and two plastic baits. This means I could sell probably over 95% of my tackle and catch the same # of fish. But I know then I would just buy more tackle.

  3. Easily hundreds. Probably 75% of them are still unopened. They are my 'just in case' baits. Many are the same make and model of proven producers and/or hard to find or discontinued baits. Lots of original Storm, Barney lure, Spoonplugs, etc.
  4. more than i could sit down and tie on...still....sold a bunch and still have way too much...heck i use harnesess and jigs most the time anyway..smithwicks and countdowns, and spinners, rattle traps.....then there is all that other stuff..whatever is it all for...
  5. JBJ


    Yikes! I'm not sure I want to even begin counting...
  6. JakeFr5150

    JakeFr5150 Mr. Bug Rod

    I don't have any that are unopened - I open all of them and put them right in the tackle boxes. I have way too many though - all have hit the water at least once, but some that is all that they have. I have probably 40 or 50 that maybe have been cast only one time before I switch lures knowing that they wouldn't work. I probably buy at least 1 a week, so I have quite a few that are like that. I had to buy an extra soft side tackle box recently to accomodate my ever expanding ultralight lure collection. Ah, can never have too many Rebel Craws, Crickhoppers, Big Ants, or Creek Creatures.

  7. I have quite a few lures that I have never used. GOt them for fishing deeper in lakes but have stuck to ponds and small bodies of water.
  8. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    Just the opposite for me. I've got more old stuff than new. Much of it is beat to hell and back and can't be used. I've got more broken rods than whole ones. Can't seem to part with the stuff.
  9. That's What My Wife Tells Me All The Time When I Tell Her I Need More Tackle Or A New Rod And Reel. When She Says Why Buy New Things When You Have Things You Don't Use, I Tell Her Why Do You Have Hundreds Of Pairs Of Shoes And Dozens Of Purses. Well She Says She Needs Them, I Look At Her And Say Exactly Enough Said, Then I Proceed To Buy.
  10. I got a few unopened lures, mostly all odd ball Rapalas. Although I do have one unopened Mepps Giant Killer sitting on the microwave that I have another one of in my box. Other than that most are already opened and in my box gathering dust :D

    You wouldn't happen to be the guy than make the Legand Musky Lures would ya?

  11. Thanks to all of you who have chimed in on this post, so far. At least I'm finding out that I'm not the only one with used lures sitting around.

    No, Legend Lures is way different than Legendary Lures. Legend Lures makes commercial plastic musky lures. I make wooden musky lure by hand. I had already chosen the name Legendary Lures and then found out about Legend Lures later. Rather than struggle through finding another name, I decided to stick with what I had. So far, I've not heard a peep from Legend Lures. I guess they figure that our products are different enough and that I'm too small potatos to mess with.