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  1. My other computer is down. Message thet I get on the screen is....

    Operating system not found on any devices. Press key to try again.

    When I do that the same message comes up.

    Did the "Boogie Man" get in it and make it sick?

    Thanks for any help.

    wormdunker69 (Bill) :confused:
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  3. This is useful but it was caused by a virus that has shut down most of the operating systems in my computer.
  4. Chuck P.

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    How do you know it was a virus?

    Try to boot to safe mode. If you can, run your anti virus program from there.

    If you have the blue screen of death, it probably is a hard drive gone bad.
  5. Chuck,

    Just turned the broke down computer and today I got, first up was the Windows ME screen and then it changed to a black screen and it said.

    Insert diskette for drive B: and press any key when ready

    Under this was a flashing short line

    That was all.

    I do not have a diskette, any ideas as to what to do now?:confused:
  6. I know it states possible virus when this error appears but generally not a virus. A 1962 no operating sytem error is usually pc looking elsewhere for the os. make sure you do not have any cd's, floppy's., USB drives in computer and power PC off. Next turn back on pc tapping f1 key for set up, next f9 to load default configuration and f10 to save and exit. You may have to do some reseaerch asthis setup sequence may be different for your pc. If error returns it may be a physically bad hard drive. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks Goodday, I'll give it a try.
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    My money's on a crashed hard drive... :(
  9. Windows ME? Given the pure asstasticness of that OS and the likely vintage of hardware in that box:

    No it's not worth the money. Go to Wal Mart and buy the cheapest E-Machines computer they sell. You should be able to find something for like $350. It will be orders of magnitude better than what you have.
  10. Thanks COmmodore 64, I thought that was not worth the money. It is a 1998 vintage. Can I use the monitor and keyboard?
  11. Yep you sure can. If all you buy is a tower, you might find something for ~200 bucks. Pretty sure that the $350 includes an LCD monitor.
  12. Chuck P.

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    My personal opinion, STAY AWAY FROM EMACHINES! I bought one years ago, actually, it was my very first computer.

    I returned 3 of them to best buy for various hardware failures and finally gave up.

    Either buy a new computer or buy a new hard drive and a full version of Windows XP Pro.

    Windows ME was never stable, that's why it was thrown away very quickly.
  13. Thanks Chuck P.

    I already have the XP disks that I used on my other computer. Tiger Direct has some good prices on hard drives, I'll check them out.

    Thanks again.

  14. Chuck P.

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    I just purchased a 1TB SATA hard drive for my pc for around $140 from IDE hard drives have become very cheap these days.

    One other point. You say you have the XP disks from your other computer right? In order to install and get updates you may have to purchase another user license from microsoft.

    I don't think the same serial numbers will work on two computers at the same time.