info on mosquito lake for camping trip

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  1. i live in columbus on coming up on a camping trip/ half on erie and the other half week on mosquito lake. gonna b there 3-4 days, looking for some info as i have never fished mosquito before. i will be fishing mostly for bass, maybe an occasional eye. does anyone ever catch any eyes while bass fishing? is it better at night as opposed to early am or evening? are there any smallmouths in mosquito, odnr just reports lm. and for the lm, is there alot of structure to pitch to? any reports or advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Hi I live in Cortland and I am pretty familiar with Skeeter. You would probably do better fishing early mornings while targeting bass. There are no smallmouth but a few largemouth can be caught in weedbeds in the bays. The walleye fishing is non-existent right now due to the high water temp. At night you can try a basic catfish rig and you can be assured to catch a few cats. The fishing is super slow right now, but any day fishing is alright with me.