Info On Drummond Island, Mich?

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  1. Hey Everyone I will be taking a fishing trip up to Drummond Island on Saturday Aug 9th till Saturday the 16th. I was wondering if anyone else has fished this area.
    We will be staying on the south side of the Island which I believe it may be called Huron Bay or First Bay? We will be fishing for smallies, pike and perch. I have my tackle box loaded with some Xraps, husky jerks, and deep diving crankbaits, spinnerbaits and some top water baits as well as an assortment of tubes. What else should I bring as far as artificial baits? I have yet to catch a pike and I am really looking forward to catching one of these toothy critters. If anyone had any general information, tips or advice for me I would love to here it. Thanks again FFBG

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    Have been there Woodcock and Grouse hunting but never fishing. We always say we are going back to fish but never find time to pull it off. I understand that they slay them up there. You'll probably catch Pike accidently :) . If you've never been to the island your going to love it. It's an entirely different ecosystem. Deer, up there, are as abundent as rabbits here, be very careful driving the island even during the day. Bear are as abundent as there as deer here. If you want to see bear just go for a late evening drive, or at night with a spotlight. There is a bunch of them. Believe it or not there is also a healthy Cougar population on the island, seldom seen but seen and verified none the less.
    Good luck and have a perfect time!
  4. Hey thanks guys for the reply. I have never been to the lsland and i can't wait to get up there. My roommate's family has been going to the island for years and he has told me about seeing bears. Hopefully ill get to see some wildlife while i am there too. FFBG
  5. Aaahhh! Drummond Island! Brings back memories.

    Vacationed and fished Drummond for twenty years (early 70s to early 90s).

    There was a time when it was a great fishing condition and pretty pristine environment - and then the Domino's Pizza people came, built retirement homes, golf courses, developed the airport, brought jet skis, pontoon boats, and, well you get the picture.

    You used to be able to fish right in Potagannissing Bay and catch plenty of pike, perch, smallmouth, and occasionally walleye. I once caught 56 smallmouth in a matter of two hours one morning. Then with the increased fishing pressure you had to keep going farther and farther out, and it became cause for conversation if you caught a pike or two or any smallies at all.

    Then the commorants arrived and completely killed off the conditions and we said Adios! and headed a few hours north into Canada and I've never looked back. I still hear bad things about the fishery there.

    Wind is the scourge of Drummond Island - blows for three days or more at a time - night and day. Not too much fun watching your boat slam against the dock for the best part of your fishing week.

    Fishing the south side of the island might prove to be a good move on your part. I wish you luck and would love to have a full report when you return.

    Let me know if the Tee-Pee (Ice Cream Hut) and the Driftwood Inn (restaurant and bar) are still at the Four Corners. As I said, Great Memories!
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    I spent a week there a couple of summers ago in August.

    I fished hard for the first 3 days, trying smallmouth, pike and walleye and then just gave up and enjoyed the weather and the water, swimming and boat riding with the family.

    The scenery is very nice, the fishing is poor at best. I caught zero fish the first two days and some herring the last day we fished. There were a bunch of boats fishing for the herring.

    I even went out to the channel and trolled for salmon one day with no results.

    It is a good thing this trip was intended as a family fun, swimming and sight seeing trip and not a fishing trip. We rented a house on the North end of the island that was great. The fishing there is not very good and hasn't been for a bunch of years. At certain times of the year I hear they do OK on perch but that is late fall. The locals all talk about how good it used to be and how bad it is now. I hope you find some fish on the south end.

    The island itself is really fun with abundant wildlife to keep you busy on the drives and walks. I bowhunted this island 15 years ago and had a blast.
  7. I plan on giving a full report of my adventure when I return. The past 2 years my roommate has had luck with smallies, last year the biggest he landed was a fat 21''. Also the biggest pike they got into was around 31''. Hopefully we will have the same luck and nice weather. I really appreciate all the information from you guys. After hearing all the replys about the Island it has made me more anxious to get up there. Thanks for the help FFBG
  8. I don't have any details to offer on Drummond as I have never been there but I hope you indeed have a great week and great weather...especially since I will only be about 20-30 miles from you. If you look at a map you will see Thessalon on the north shore about due north of the island and then Iron Bridge to its east. We will be on that small lake you see on the south side of 17. That is Bright Lake. It pales in comparison to the waters you will be in but is beautiful nonetheless. I have been going up there for about 15 years now and next week is my week.:)