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Info Needed C.J. Brown Please

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bass_Hawg, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    Sorry for the EXTRA Thread for CJ Brown but I wanted to see if I could get some info for this lake and I didn’t want to Steal anyone’s Thread so I decided to start a new one.

    Now for my questions I guess. I have heard several things about CJ Brown but never that it is a good Large Mouth Bass Lake. I was wondering if anyone could lend me some help on this body of water. Is Bass fishing good, bad, ugly on this lake and if it is good or decent where are you finding them, no secret spots just a general area would be great.

    Thanks for your help
  2. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    If I were looking for a largemouth lake I would look elsewhere. There are some largemouth and a few smallies but it is a tough lake. Alot of boats and not much water. The water is generaly clear and lacks cover. My personal best was many years ago, we fished a club tourny there and I took a 8 fish limit on the upper end around the islands. Be careful if you venture up to that end as it is shallow.

  3. CJ isn't the best or worst bass lake. However it does lack structure which can making fishing tough. Quality bass can be caught on a consistent basis but it may take a while to get them figured out. The only people I know who have a lot of consistent success there fish it on more than a weekly basis. I have had luck with topwater baits thrown around the rip rap by the visitor center in the summer.
  4. I occasionally hook into a few smallies every summer while im jig fishing for walleye. Ive never fished specifically for them so I can offer no advice there. I can only recall catching 2 or 3 largemouth and they were far from anything to brag about. My best smallie for C.J is a 5.3 but I have had a few up to the boat that easly topped that. Last spring during the states anual shocking, I had heard a few rumors from pretty reliable sources that a few 8-9 lb smallies came up! I still have alot to learn about the reservoir myself but thats my offering of knowledge of bass fishing on CJ. Good Luck
  5. I believe rumors of 8-9lb smallies in CJ Brown are just that, rumors. I'll check with the ODNR. You wouldn't happen to have a photo of that 5.3 smallie? By the way, the Ohio State record smallie is 9.5 from Lake Erie.
  6. Sorry hellgramite, dont have a pic of that particular smallmouth. I have a pic of a few smallies that I have caught on other lakes, but none from CJ. Only pics I have from CJ are a few of my catches of walleye & crappie from this past summer. Will be more than happy to post all my pics on here if I can figure it out LOL..... never looked into it but i'll be sure to check it out. If 9.5lb is the State record then I would have to agree with you on the 8-9 pounders that were shocked. Though I am positive that I have had 7 pounders to the boat but that dont count and the scale would probally prove me wrong but they looked like 7 pounders LOL
  7. I've caught lm bass on the far northeast side of the lake. Work the shoreline and the fish attracting poles. I never caught anything larger than 2 lbs. last year on rod and reel, but last fall I caught a 3.8 lm bass in my cast net in this area throwing for shad. I only fish for bass occasionally, as I wore myself out on them in my youth.

    I would add that CJ is a very good white bass lake. Good numbers and above average size.
  8. I checked with the ODNR today and the fish manager reported that they encounter very few Largemouth 3lb + let alone Smallmouth that size. He can't rule out that there may be some large fish in there, they just haven't seen them.
  9. Bass_Hawg

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    Thanks for the input. Looks like this is the wrong lake to look for some good LM Bass.

    Thanks Again
  10. Indian Lake holds a VERY nice qty of LM and occasionally some 5 & 6 ponders are taken if your in the right spot at the right time. The only down fall to Indian Lake is the fishing pressure on the bass. Indian Lake holds more bass fishing tournaments a year than any other lake in ohio and until 2 years ago also held the largest bass tournament in ohio ( the MDA ) The average weight on Indian for bass will probally average between 2 - 3 lbs, if you know the lake well you can average 3-4 lbs.
  11. A freind of mine does very well on LM Bass @ IL on both size and #'s. He catches many of his fish in the Shawnee Island area. This area is perfect for your yak - Bass_Hawg. Many "fingers" running through the area, lots of cover, etc... and away from the main lake area. This is a good crappie area as well - we scored on many nice white crappie in this area last spring.
  12. What's the best bait and the best area for white bass at CJ? I used to fish for whites on the Illinois river back home during their spawning run, and i'd really love to see my kids get into some fast action like that.
  13. Gulfvet, I'll pass on advice to you that I'd recieved early last year when I was taking my 4yr old son to CJ to catch fish. I found that in May and early June I could catch upwards of a dozen white bass (usually 8"-12" more or less) along the rip rap shore line of the dam using a white jig head, white twister tail, tipped with a grub worm. Here are his first 2 fish and one other(was scanned in from 35mm):


    Come the middle of June it was like a light switch and it shut off, but it was fun while it lasted.
    Hope you and your kids have as much fun as we did.