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Info for Carpers at Alum

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BIGDAWG, Jun 15, 2004.


    BIGDAWG Team Bass Xtreme

    Last monday I was bass fishing the first and second coves north of the Marina on the west side of Alum. The cicadas were everywhere as expected. As I was pitching to some blowdowns I saw 3 huge carp on a mud flat slowly coming up and slurping the cicadas and "slowly" turning away. So being the "Brain Surgeon" that I am and only having caught 3 bass to this point I figure what the heck. I tied on a new Hocust Locust bait and chunked it to the flat. All 3 carp started heading towards the bait and the smallest one grabbed it. Set hook, fish turned left, turned right and SNAP. Stinking 14lb Ironsilk popped like dental floss. Checked drag it was fine, only thing I can imagine is line cut itself. I've heard of it before but never experienced it first hand. Anyway guys and gals, if you're up to some carpin', never seen them take topwater baits before. I can only imagine it would be a blast. Fished the entire coves for bass and the carp were absolutely everywhere. Good luck and let me know if you guys do any good!! :D
  2. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    It's an awesome feeling :) Great fighters too!

  3. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    That would save alot of people that fish with the CORN :p
    Now if we could only train them to JUMP :D we could forget about the Smallmouths & Muskies