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Ineresting Anti Info

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reel Thing, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. A friend sent this information thought I would pass it along


    These are the critical Links:

    Please take a moment to follow the links and review some of the information on them.
    It is critical to all sportsmen, conservationist, shooters and supporters of The Right to Bear Arms to know who the groups are that are funding and leading the fight to remove all hunting, fishing and shooting rights from us. You may be unknowingly supporting these groups as they purposely manipulate their advertising to distract from their true intent. If you donate to a "good cause", please check these sites and the many others available to make sure they are what they are. Believe it or not, just by feeding your dog, buying pet supplies or staying at a certain hotel you may be contributing monies to fund these organizations.
    Lastly, it is important that we as sportsmen and or conservationists start taking a more active role by contacting the companies and corporations that support these groups, and let them know that if they should continue to take active participation with them, we will avoid their services and or products. Additionally, we also need to let our elected politicians know that they wont receive our votes if they support such groups or organizations. Please use this link to find your State Representatives.

    Here is a quick review of what some of these groups have already accomplished.

    Anti-hunting activists almost halted this year's dove, duck and goose seasons in at least six states and did halt a dove season in Michigan up until this year.
    Anti-hunters closed down the mountain lion season in California and now are working in Arizona. They have stated that they plan to do the same for bear and deer hunting throughout the country.
    Quail Unlimited has been informed that they can expect the same tactics that closed dove season, mountain lion season and other hunting seasons to be used to close quail seasons in a number of states within the next three years.
    As you read this, anti-hunters are again attempting to halt bear hunting in Michigan, Idaho and New Jersey.
    Anti's have attempted to halt the transplanting of ruffed grouse in Colorado; now they are on an anti-meat campaign.
    Animal rights activists have sabotaged numerous medical research labs that were seeking cures for cancer, AIDS, SIDS and drug/alcohol dependency and have caused damage well into the millions. Some medical researchers say that their efforts have been set back 10 years or more.
    One of the largest anti-hunting groups has proposed an actual ban on the specific breeding of dogs and cats (consider what that type of legislation would do to maintaining bird dog lines, field trialing, etc.).
    Some animal rights groups are even proposing that all cattle, poultry and farm animals be "released from captivity" immediately. These same groups are calling for a ban on any and all uses of animals for food, clothing, hunting, fishing and trapping.
    The anti-hunting group, Fund for Animals, has launched a national campaign to stop state-sponsored youth hunter training courses.
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    If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?