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Indoor Dogs and Cold Weather

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Catslammer, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Just a concern about my 4 legged little buddy.

    My wife and I spend a lot of weekends out of state at our folks' and of course we take our dog with us. When we're home, he is inside. When we're visiting our folks' he stays at my in laws. He sleeps in the garage and is pretty much free to roam around outside as he wishes. How cold do you think he gets when its cold outside like it is now? My mother law has an golden retriever that suffers from arthitis badly. After seeing the poor old dog have to sleep on cold concrete for awhile, I built a wood dog box. Large enough for 2 large dogs, and 1 cat. Fully carpeted, with a heat lamp for a little heat. (and a window :D . I'm still working on getting cable rigged to it. :D ) Our dog would stay outside 24/7 if we would let him, but I lock him in the garage regularly (and always at night) because I think he has to be about freezing. He's free to go in his box anytime he wants, but he usually sits outside and keeps an eye out for his buddies (the neighbor's dogs). Am I safe to assume that he will go inside on his own if he is cold? Of course he's a very smart dog. (who would admit otherwise, right? )

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Catslammer and Turbo.
  2. I Had A Lab That Stayed In The House All Times I Was There..when I Wasnt Home I Had A Dog House On My Porch..i Had Hay In It And A Door On It..its Just Nature For Em To Go Where Its Warmer..i Would Feel Her Underside When She Came Out And It Was Warm..of Course All Dogs Cant Stay Out Side When Its This Cold.....

  3. According to my vet, dogs, especially ones used to being inside, are very susceptible to frostbite on their pads when the temps. are near zero & below. Limit their time outside when it's so bitter cold.;)