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  1. whats with the indians inconsistent play? im kind of getting sick of watching them play cuz its either they cant hit or they cant pitch!! but thats baseball!
  2. Since Cleveland's pitching staff is still right near the top as one of the best in the league I would have to say their big problem is undoubtedly hitting. They are dead last in the majors in batting average and almost at the bottom in runs scored. They just are not getting it done and I would really like to see them shake things up a bit and put someone else in charge as the hitting coach. They didn't really hit very well last year as a team either and hitting was their downfall in the playoffs. When you have veteran guys like Hafner, Peralta, Delucci, etc. that are not doing it then something needs to change. Now even Martinez has fallen of the horse and is struggling bad. They really only have one consistent stick right now in Francisco. They are not far from being in the race still but at the same time I watch them and think they could end up closer to the bottom than the top when it is all done.:(

  3. I hear ya bkr, they seem to hit, like francisco until shelton has some time to tinker with them. I would not mind seeing them go a different direction with a new hitting coach.
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    Hitting seems to be the major issue, but there is at least one other. I love having Wedge as a coach, but there is one thing he does or doesn't do that really bothers me. He either doesn't stay with a starting pitcher when he is on a streak and is doing well enough to finish the game or he doesn't pull a pitcher when my 5 year old knows he should be coming out of the game.
  5. with cc and carmona you never know when they are having a bad inning or if they are just gonna stink up the field, westbrook you got a 50/50 shot is he on or is he off and byrd you better have the bullpen active starting in the 3rd inning. with that said, i hope they get their heads out of their a$$e$ and start playing ball. they have the talent on both sides of the ball to walk away with the division.
  6. I used to think that but given their performance I am not so sure. Maybe it is just because we are familiar with the names that we have become infatuated with them? I mean Peralta is supposed to be a SS that is average in the field but makes up for it at the plate. Yes he is struggling now but he is still only a lifetime .263 hitter. With an average like that your SS better bring a lot more to the game elsewhere. Casey Blake is a solid defensive 3B but I can think of a whole lot of other solid defensive 3B in the league that are hitting well above his lifetime .260 average. Not to mention he is only hitting .216 now. Cabrera came in last year with a lot of promise as a great glove and every figured his bat would catch up. He finished a respectable .283 last year but is awful this year at .184. If he were hitting just a bit better I would argue that they should shop Peralta and see if they could yield a better 3b out of him. They have Carroll who is playing as well as Cabrera at 2B so they lose nothing there. They paid a lot of money for a marginal player in my opinion in David Delucci. Having been in the league for 10 years they really should have known what they were getting. His numbers show that he was a lifetime .259 hitter with average power. That does not sound to me like a steal for a corner outfielder at $3.75 MM. Add to that Hafner who puts together three seasons back-to-back that warrant a big contract and he gets it ($8 MM). Then he comes back with a very lackluster season and is in the midst of another one that would not even keep him on a major league roster if not for the prior contract and prior accomplishments.

    So now I sit back and wonder how many of these problems do they have to fix before things come around. I try to be a optimist but it just seems like way too many problems to me.:(
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    They are just a typical Cleveland team, Lousy !
  8. The thing is back in the 90's when they could not quite get it done the talk was always that pitching wins championships and they didn't have it. Well now they have the pitching and guess what? It also takes a bit of hitting as well to win championships.;)
  9. YEP, I agree! If your current pitcher is still getting them out, LEAVE HIM IN! On ANY day, the pitcher (reliever) coming in is an unknown. Also, you don't wait until you're 4 or 5 runs down to make a move...especially the way this club is hitting now. IMHO, they missed going to the World Series last year because he pulled Westbrook prematurely against Boston.
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    If I am noty mistaken CC should have been pulled in the 1st or 2nd inning in almost every one of his post season appearances last year as well.

    Also don't look to the minors for the hitting, remember Hart's big speech "pitching, pitching, pitching." Well that's what we have and there seem to be some teams out there who have a lot of hitting and no pitching. Smells like an oppotunity even early in the season.