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    Salt Creek Public Fishing Area opens
    New fishing access site ready for summer steelhead

    The new Department of Natural Resources Salt Creek Public Fishing Area in
    Porter County is open and ready for the summer Skamania steelhead run.

    The 75 acres of natural land northwest of Valparaiso provides anglers with
    nearly 6000 feet of access to a high-quality steelhead trout and salmon
    fishing stream and protects a section of Salt Creek's watershed.

    Salt Creek PFA anglers, birdwatchers and nature enthusiast should park in
    the newly constructed parking lot off County Road 500 North on the north
    side of the property.

    Salt Creek flows from south to north through upland and bottomland hardwood
    forest and fallow farm fields at Salt Creek PFA. The public property is
    similar to the DNR's nearby 76-acre Chustak Public Fishing Area along Salt
    Creek. Chustak PFA opened in 2001 and has a parking area off County Road 600

    Salt Creek PFA was bought in 2004 with funds provided from the sale of state
    fishing licenses. Salt Creek is a tributary to Lake Michigan, and generally
    offers excellent small-stream trout and salmon fishing as these fish swarm
    out of Lake Michigan on seasonal spawning runs.

    During mid to late June, depending on water temperatures and water levels in
    the tributaries, summer-run adult Skamania steelhead trout return to Indiana
    tributaries where they were planted as fingerlings.

    Most Skamania will "stage" near the mouths of Lake Michigan tributaries,
    with fish rushing upstream -- especially after a heavy rainfall -- to begin
    the run. By mid-August (depending on tributary temperatures and water
    levels), good numbers of Indiana Skamania have entered home tributary

    Skamania will continue to enter tributaries throughout the fall and winter
    months until March. Chinook and coho salmon return to Lake Michigan
    tributary streams to spawn from late August to early November. Winter-run
    steelhead should be in the stream from November to mid-April.

    Salt Creek is small to medium-size stream flowing north through Porter
    County in northwest Indiana. Salt Creek joins the Little Calumet River near
    Portage, which flows into Lake Michigan near Burns Harbor.

    Good fishing for everyone
    Salt Creek PFA is managed by Jasper-Pulaski FWA staff. The DNR maintains
    more than 325 boat ramps across the state though the Division of Fish and
    Wildlife's Public Access program and more than 70 boat ramps and dozens of
    wheelchair-accessible fishing piers at state parks and state recreation

    Indiana trout and salmon fishing regulations:

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