Indian yesterday evening report

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  1. Well i must start off saying it was one of the tuffest afternoon evenings of fishing i have had there in a long time. I started about 4:00 and fished till 15 minutes after dark. I WAS ALL OVER THAT LAKE!! Water conditions were not good mostly mud in old lake side,Moundwood was muddiest color i can recall seeing it and high. Went to harbors and nothing hit old field channel nothing so i just kept looking for best looking water i could find and somewhere that ie was getting some current push but not strong. About hour before dark i hit a nice 23" one that was black as coal off a rocky area in a channel i found last year water was stained and looked good. Fish hit a orange twister on double 1/8th ounce jigs. Then got back to fishing and just before dark got a nicer one 24 1/2" this one hit the hot pink tail. That was it fished little after dark and nothing went home. Wore out and at least satisfied that i found a couple,which WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF I JUST STAYED PUT AND NOT KEPT EXPLORING. Key to that lake is to move till you get bit or to find what you determine as best possible spot to catch them when evening bite happens. Then work it hard. Jigs are ticket right now no vib'e bites all day. Jigs were no doubter hits as they slammed them and had them down there throats. Hit two twin 4 pounders in about 35 minutes thursday night in the rain and had to get home so was hoping it would be that way friday the front just flat out shut them down. Today with the sun and then next couple days being warmer hopefully they will light up for more then a few minutes a day. Only other place i really saw people fishing was at spillway and not many there as water was muddy and rising. Heres couple pictures[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Hey, CONGRATS on the saugeye.

    It does pay to run & gun some days, you have to find them to catch them, and even then it is some times hard to get them to hit anything because of weather and cold water.

    Like you said, we need some warm stable weather to get them going, temps for this coming week look good. Lets Hope