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Indian Saugeyes

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishslim, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Stopped at one of my spots on way home from work that i got some saugeyes and perch at first of week. No Perch but got 7 saugeyes in about a hour on jig steady reeled. Got 3 good size eaters and a 14" one i kept from swallowing the jig to deep was going to die so i kept it. Water is looking nice just need more rain and lower tempatures and it will be on. Fish are starting to move around. Noticed lily pads curling up and starting to brown sure sign saugeye and crappies are real close to going on a feed!!:) [​IMG]
  2. Nice job on the saugeye !! glad to hear that Indian is starting get good, but like you said we need some cool weather to get them going good.
    Just curious, did the spot where you got the saugeye have any current, also what time of day was it ? THANKS

  3. No current dead calm but had baitfish swimming around in it. Was late afternoon 4:30-5:40. Slow steady reel just off bottom was ticket. Little spikes crushed it. But the eaters were like a soft crappie hit like they just sucked it in to taste it.
  4. THANKS, for the info.
    Looking at the Weather Channel today,looks like we are supposed to have some cool days this coming week, with a couple of days with the highs of only high 60 ies and lows in the 50 ies, that has to help some.