Indian saugeye 11-3

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  1. fished with my dad lundy out of his boat from about 1:30-an hour before sunset. Didn't have a single hit. Tried a couple places and lots of baits. Lots of people out on the south shore for a monday afternoon. Saw one fish caught on a vib-e on a steady retreive.

    Decided to pull the boat and try the evening shorline bite. Right at dark I hit two saugeye on 3 casts. They enhaled the vib-e on a steady retreive. First one went 23" the second 25" At the same time lundy had a good hit on a twister and earlier I missed a freighttrain hit on the vib-e I still can't figure out how I missed. The cast between the two fish I got snagged in someones fishing line on the bottom so basically they were back to back fish. It was a great suprise after a very slow afternoon. Lundy has a picture of them. Ill probably post it eventually. I think the water temp was 51.
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  3. Thanks for the report guys. I'm blocked from viewing photobucket at the office but I'll look when I get home.
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    Nice fish. About this time of year I would rather bank fish for saugeyes than out of a boat. I just seem to do better
  5. yeah, we were talking about that. Indian is goofy. Can't think of another lake where you catch just as many or more fish off the bank than out of the boat. I guess buckeye is like that sometimes. Just wonder is it because saugeye are relating to the shoreline or are they relating to the deeper dredged areas that are near the shoreline. I think its just a coincidence that alot of the the best structure and depth changes are near the shore at indian.

    Both those fish were females full of developing eggs and a few 6 inch shad. Hoping to get back up there friday and try it again off the bank.
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    Fish are in channels or along banks for one reason, the baitfish are there and to put on the feedbag.
    Let your Dad catch one now and then will ya?:)
  7. I think alot of times what happens is that you get a good wind blowing into the bank, and that pushes the shad to the bank, and the saugeye just go where the food is.

    Big Joshy, who is that in the pic ? Will say Hi if i see you out.
  8. thats me.
    all 6,2 - 283 lbs. of me!
    If I go back on friday Ill try to get in the same area as we were that evening.
    Its not a secret location its a known spot. I will look about the same only wetter since its supposed to rain fri.