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Indian River Michigan?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Rooster, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. I will be staying on Burt Lake in Indian River Michigan next week. I will be staying with an ARMY buddy; and unfortunately, he has no clue about fishing. There seem to be a TON of fishing opportunities, and I’m hoping that someone familiar with the area can lead me in the right direction.

    Burt Lake
    Pigeon River
    Black Lake
    Crooked Lake
    Crooked River
    Indian River
    Sturgeon River
    Mullet Lake
    Cheboygon River

    Plus a Ton of smaller rivers/lakes, and
    Lake Huron
    Lake Michigan

    .....even Carp Lake!

    I’m easy to please, and don’t really care what species I will be targeting! I will have access to a boat, but plan to do a lot of fishing from a kayak. There is a lot of water to cover, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hooch

    Hooch Fare Thee Well!

    Stick with your stream smallmouth gear for the yak. There are plenty of smallmouth up in Michigan. Also, take along that flyrod you just bought! There is some good trout fishing up that way. I usually go up for salmon in the fall, but I have heard the trout fishing is good year 'round. -Hooch-

  3. Hey rooster I dont know much about the area where you will be but have been lots of places that are some what close to there. The Pere Marquete river is a great trout river and it is south of where you will be. Baldwin is a good place to fish the P.M. check out for reports, they have a nice little tackle shop in Baldwin with maps of the river and are pretty good guys. If you want to do some fishing from your yak check out Bliss lake. Its an awsome little lake but a little ways east from where you will be. Its in the middle of the National Forrest and you have to drive back a lot of sand roads to get there but its awsome, pretty small but lots of nice bass. Also Reed lake is another great little lake for the yak that is loaded with trout. You have to hike in about a mile but it is a beautiful little lake that is so quiet and peacefull. You can camp back there also. Another area that has a few hike in lakes is called the Hoist Lakes. The Hoist lakes I think would be a little closer to you and there are several small lakes, a few with trout and others with bass. Both Reed Lake and the Hoist Lakes area are some what like AEP in that you have to hike in and are smaller lakes but with great fishing and few people. If you want some directions to either place let me know and I'll get some good directions for ya.
  4. Another nice little lake for the yak would be Thumb lake, its up by Boyne Falls and you can park right by the lake. I know it has bass and also splake which if I remember right is a cross between a brook trout and lake trout.
  5. Also if you want to try the fly rod you can't beat the Au Sable around the Gaylord area. Its known for great trout fishing and I believe there brookies in there as well as bows and browns and also some nice smallies.
  6. Hey rooster if you want to get some big carp while your up there try one of the piers along the lake Michigan shore. I have caught them up to 20 pounds just fishing a night crawler on the bottom. Its a nice way to watch the sun set over the lake one evening after you have wore yourself out wading the rivers or hiking back into some of those small lakes.
  7. Thanks for all the tips! So many places to fish…so little time!

    So far:

    I will be floating the Sturgeon River (the wife wants to tag along on a float), and hope to try for some trout.

    I will be taking the yak on Lake Michigan for some smallies. Wilderness State Park is about an hour away from where I will be staying, but I have read that Waugoshance point is a great place to kayak and has a LOT of smallies.

    I will be staying on Burt Lake, and I have read that both Burt and Mullett Lakes have some BIG smallmouth (they are connected by Indian River).
  8. Rooster, here is the best advice you will receive! I stay at burt lake every year at least once a year, I love that area, I would love to have cabin there soon. anyway, I could give you thousands of places to fish and you would have fun, but if you want to see something amazing then go west on 68 toward alanson, then travel south on 31 out of alanson(very small town) and on your right start looking for the Oden creek state fish hatchery. Now I know what your thinking, oh boy a dumb fish hatchery, well this is a breakdown of the creek and you will be impressed with one aspect of it. I would be interested in what you thought if you make it to the hatchery. email me at if you don't want to post here. So have fun and be careful on the sturgeon, she's a quick river.

    oh ya don't forget to try the mackinaw island fudge dipped ice cream.
  9. I found the fish hatchery on the map. Is there fishing in the creek/river, or is it just an interesting attraction for fishermen? If you had to pick one lake to fish in the area for BIG smallmouth, which lake would you choose? Any information would be helpful, as there is a tremendous amount of water to cover…especially from a kayak! LOL
  10. No fishing just very interesting. As far as smallmouth go, well, I normally chase the trout about 80% of the time. Here's my smallmouth advise, Indian River, I do better in the river than on either lake. I caught an 8 lber at the mouth into burt lake two years ago. There is a public park at the mouth and I was just fishing off the bank with my wife. The water is super clear almost everywhere up there so stealth is a must. But Indian river has a lot of boat traffic so it seems like the fish are used to it. hope this helps and report back on your success.
  11. I will be fishing Indian River/Burt Lake in less than 24 hours. Any last tips?
  12. I got one for ya, HAVE A GREAT TIME!! I know you will. Good luck!