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indian or ft loramie

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Akillis, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. does anyone know how the ice is at either lake. the bait shop i used to call is closed. or something
  2. They Are Fishing Long Island Only 4-6" Of Ice. No Confirmed Reports On How They Are Doing. Call Mikes Bait Or Pro Bass Shop In Lakeview For Info At Indian Lake.

  3. i tried calling bass pro someone told me the owner died and they closed it? i dunno if this is true. and i used to call waynes jigs but no answer there. do ya hev the number for the other bait shop ya said
  4. mikes bait 1-937-843-2261

    1977walleyeguy was there this morning and said everywhere except LI on the right at the first pulloff was unfishable only 2 inches and slushy and snowcovered. I heard that because this is the only fishable area that its like a shanty town there. i imagine its pretty fishless with all that pressure in that little area.
  5. Yes, the owner, Tim Harshbarger did pass away. The last time that I was up there, his mother had come back and was running it. They also own a place somewhere in TN. I think it is still open.
  6. we fished north side of long island friday very slow going. 3 inches of ice .moved around got weak by the channel but we did find seven feet of water in a small hole most everybody was using waxies small gills and 2 ten inch crappie. buddy took us half hour south of indian on saturday fished most of the day slow again 3 inches of ice.caught 1 bass on chub rest were crappie mostly small 2 perch also small same thing at erie 2 buddies out on the islands muddy water friday and saturday no fish