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indian lake

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by hillbilly hooks, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. has anyone been catching any eyes down there ?
  2. TeamEDream

    TeamEDream Follow the Dream.....

    My father and I prefished for a bass tourny there on the 3rd and caught a couple nice eyes off bridge pillars.(2 1/2 & 3 lbs) We where throwing a special modified crank I modify myself. The modification can be applied to any of your favorite cranks or stickbaits.It seems to work great on eyes and largemouth. If you would like to see a pic. of the crank in it's altered state let me know by e-mail or instant message. Sorry to be pushing the modified crank but I am very proud of my latest creation and it seems to be working excellent. I think more because I am giving the fish a look at something a little different than they have ever seen before. Look for AltraStrike "Triggers" to be a big hit!